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America: Write Your Own History

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by Royal Tenenbaum, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. Royal Tenenbaum

    Royal Tenenbaum Exiled

    Oct 23, 2012
    America:Write Your Own History

    Below is the Index. You will find all my official posts, some excellent accompanying posts by contributors, and most importantly the elections. This index does not, however, include the enthusiasm and energy of the voters and subscribers that gives this thread the pride and status that it has.

    Please look at the very bottom for most recent links and be sure to vote in the elections if they are ongoing!

    Post-Colonial Era
    1700-1776: The Tea Party
    1778-1796: George Washington
    1796: Adams vs Jefferson
    1796-1800: Adam's First Term
    Election of 1800: Adams vs Jefferson
    1800-1808: Adam's Second and Third Terms
    Election of 1808: Adams vs Madison
    1808-1812: Adam's Fourth Term
    Election of 1812: Adams vs Madison
    1812-1816: The War of 1812
    Election of 1816; in the midst of the War with Great Britain

    Era of Good Feelings
    1816-1824: Monroe's Terms
    Election of 1824
    1824-1828: William H. Crawford
    Election of 1828: Democratic-Republican Schism
    1828-1832: Crawford's Second Term
    Election of 1832: Rise of Jacksonian Democracy

    Victorian War
    1832-1836: Jackson's Pivotal Term
    Election of 1836: Midst of the Victorian War
    1836-1840: Jackson's Sunset
    Election of 1840: Jackson's Sunset
    1840-1844: Caroline Affair and the End of the Victorian War

    Popular Sovereignty and Manifest Destiny
    Election of 1844: Post-Victorian War
    1844: Popular Sovereignty Votes
    1844-1848: The Imperial Revolution
    Election of 1848: Mexican-American War
    1848-1852: The Golden Age of Manifest Destiny
    Election of 1852: Crossroads of History

    Industrial Revolution and Civil War
    1852-1856: The Industrial Revolution
    Election of 1856: A House Divided
    1856-1860: Nation at War
    Election of 1860: A Nation That Cannot Stand
    1860-1861: A House United
    1862-1864: A World Divided

    The Great War and the Finland Conflict
    Election of 1864: The Great War
    1864-1868: A Democracy On Which The Sun Never Sets
    Election of 1868: A Hint of Better Days Tomorrow
    1868-1872: Second Era of Good Feeling
    Election of 1872
    1872-1876: The Finland Conflict
    Election of 1876: Post-Lincoln Era
    1876-1880: The Plumed Knight
    Election of 1880: The American Industrial Revolution
    President Blaine Assassinated!

    The Gilded Era
    1881-1884: The Gilded Era
    Election of 1884: A Reformed World
    1884-1888: Brave New World
    Election of 1888: The Industrial World
    1888-1892: Rise of Autocracy
    Election of 1892: Dark Years Ahead
    Women's Suffrage
    1892-1896: Soviet Collapse and the Congress of Edinburgh
    Election of 1896: Bryan vs McKinley
    1896-1899: The Spanish American War
    1900: The Beginning of the Edwardian War

    Edwardian War
    Election of 1900: Edwardian War
    Lockwood Assassinated; Emblem of Heroism
    1901-1904: Troops Close In On London
    Election of 1904: A New Century
    1904-1908: The Socialist Revolution

    The Age of Self-Determination
    Election of 1908: The American Renaissance
    1908-1912: The Age of Self-Determination
    Election of 1912: A Post-Imperial World
    1912-1916: Scientific Breakthroughs

    Socialist Schism
    Election of 1916: A Quiet, Calm State of Affairs
    1917: The Architect of War
    Breaking News!
    A Web of Intrigues
    Woodrow Wilson Shot! Survives!
    July 1917-July 1918: Rise of Germany and the End of the American Golden Age
    Socialist Labor Anger!
    A Defense of Democracy
    July 1918: Hardings and Wilsonians Imprison Communist Activists!
    Racism and Moviemaking During the Wilson Era

    The World War
    1918-1919: World War Begins
    1919-1920: Gains and Losses
    Fire at Indiana Socialist Party Headquarters. Arson?
    An Essay on the Status of the Negro, by Avery Dudley
    Harding Secretly Supporting Ku Klux Klan?
    A Vote for Debs: The War Against Fascism
    A Report of Funding from Germany
    Election of 1920: War, Horrid War
    Harding's Defeat Sparks Bourgeois Terror
    1921: A War Ended

    The Age of Appeasement
    Shooting Near UN Building, Students Killed, Suspects At Large!
    A New Publication For A New Era
    SPA Deny Criminal Activity: Cover Up?
    New York Daily News - March 10, 1921
    New York Daily News - March 13, 1921
    Reflection of the UN Shooting
    1922-1924: One Small Step For Man
    A Communist Compromise
    A Moderate Compromise
    NAACP Crosses the 300,000 Member Mark
    The Flight of Industry?
    Election of 1924: Era of Appeasement
    Stanley Bruce Speaks!

    Polly War
    1924-1928: The Age of Appeasement Ends
    New York Daily News - July 14, 1928
    The Most Confusing Day Of My Life, by Kathleen Silverstone
    Letter to a Friend Back Home, by Luigi Guglielmo
    Election of 1928: Pick-a-Polly
    Labor Outsourcing Rises, Economy Crumbles in Response to Foster's Election
    Capitalists Conspire Against Government
    In Response to Rising Secession
    Declaration of Australian Independence
    We Only Wanted The Earth, by Socialist Labor candidate James Connolly
    The Counter-Communization

    The Communist Revolution
    January 1929: An Apparent Failure in Domestic Policies
    State of Emergency: Foster Withdraws All Foreign Troops
    February 1929-June 1929: Communist Revolution
    A Lawsuit Against the United Socialist States of America, by Senator of New Jersey
    Comintern Peace Conference
    Arrest of New Jersey Senator
    A Rebuttal from New Jersey Governor
    Article 58 of the United Socialist States of America Penal Code
    A Letter from South Africa to President Foster
    Riots Break Out in South Africa
    An American Senator in Exile
    Foster Depicted as Nero
    June 12th, 1929: The Communist International Schism
    Trotskyist "Moai" Flees to Dixie States
    Reminiscence of Lady Lockwood
    South African Humanitarians Arrested in America
    June 1929-1930: The End of the Dixie Rebellion and Pacific Columbia
    1931-1932: A Transition to Elections
    Election of 1932: A Fair, Honest Election
    A Pro-Democracy Brochure
    "James Connolly Retires From Politics"
    Police Cracks Down on Secessionists
    Radio Broadcast from Anonymous Rebel Leader
    Shooting at Private Airfield
    A Call for Liberation

    The Browder Administration
    The November Massacres
    Earl Browder Wins Presidency!
    Italy, South Africa, and Australia
    Trevisan Recovery Bill
    Linz Recovery Bill
    Nazi Party Takes Control!
    Whitmeyer Compromise
    Reichstag Burns Down
    1932-1934: Safeguard of the Revolution
    Newspaper of the Fourth International: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
    Midnight of America, by Michael Linz
    Editorial in the London Telegraph, by Luigi Guglielmo
    America's Largest Statue Unveiled!

    Five Year Peace Era
    1934-1936: Five Year Peace Plan
    Election of 1936: Communist Crossroads
    Joseph Lyons, New Prime Minister of Australia
    String of Suicide Bombings, 200+ Dead, Mormon Group Proclaims Responsibility!
    Browderville Summer Olympics
    The United Front in Paris
    The Burning of the Capitol Building
    The Chancellorship (1936 Election Results)
    Death of an American
    1936-1938: Swing Baby, Swing

    World War II
    1939: A Naming of Parts
    A Visit from George Orwell
    August 1939: A World Up For Grabs
    Garuda: Operation Tea Party
    Trotsky's Last Testament
    1939-1940: For the Glory of Guns
    Color Photos, 1935-1940
    1940: Rally of Brotherhood
    January-June 1941: Rise of Greater Germany
    Big Brother Brazil
    December 7th, 1942: Infamy
    Mexico Declares Independence and Aids Germany!
    Spies Reveal Secret Pact!
    To Live And Die For America, Pt. One (December 1942-February 1943)
    Examination of Houston, by Michael Linz
    The Draft
    To Live And Die For America, Pt. Two (1943)
    1944: Collapse of the Browder Administration

    Interim Years
    South Africa Votes to Rejoin America
    Provisional Government Elections of 1944
    Cooperative Socialism Charter of 1944
    Rollins Firearm Settlement
    El Todo Quemado: Mexico's Inquisition
    Adolf Hitler Assassinated!
    My Time in the Appalachia, by Kathleen Silverstone (1944)
    The Provisional Transition
    The High Price of Austrian Aluminum
    1945: The Eisenhower Doctrine
    Montezuma Moai and Michael Linz' Retirement
    Rebuilding the Capital, by Cornelius Linz
    1946-1948: The Beginning of the Post-War
    The Death of Mahatma Gandhi

    The Post-Authoritarian Era
    Election of 1948: The Rebirth of the United States
    A Dinner With Friends, by Logan Whitmeyer
    New York Daily News - December 10th, 1948
    Grievances and Reconciliation Council (Trial of Earl Browder)
    New York Daily News - January 4th, 1949
    1949: Architect of Peace
    1950-1952: Wallace Administration
    A New American Golden Age, by Cornelius Linz
    Election of 1952: The Compromise
    The Death Of Two Authors, by Sebastian Kapoor
    Protestants in El Todo Quemado Ch. 1
    Memoirs of Joseph Merlock: Protestant in El Todo Quemado Ch. 2
    Interview with Merlock
    The Return of Segregation, by Oswald Murray
    Alabama Governor Shoed at Museum Opening!
    Lobbyists Urge Hallinan to Pass Civil Rights Bill

    What A Wonderful World
    1952-1956: Inevitably Towards a Brighter Tomorrow
    Election of 1956: Nation in Fear
    Controversial Law Passed in South Africa
    Announcement of the Discovery of AIDS, by President Hallinan
    Anti-American Sentiment
    1956-1959: The End of the American Age
    July 1959-September 1960: An End to Days
    How I Stopped Worrying and Loved the Apocalypse
    World Map, 1961
    September 1960-June 1961: The Divided States of America
    What A Wonderful World
    The End!

    America: A Space Odyssey

    Political Compass: Washington-Wilson
    Presidents, Years, Party, and Era: Washington-Wilson
    1924 Political Spectrum
    An Excellent Post on the Troubles of Thread Flooding
    Laser Lockwood
    An Escape From Iran, 1939 (Mature Audience Only)
    A Post on IAAR's during an Autocratic Government
    History of South Africa, 1929-1948
    North America following the Conference of Moscow, 1944
    Why the Military didn't overthrow Browder, by Jack Elgull
    Atlantic's Downfall: A Rejected Story
    Post-American World Map, 1959
    Scrapped Bethesda Story
  2. Royal Tenenbaum

    Royal Tenenbaum Exiled

    Oct 23, 2012
    The Tea Party

    Spoiler :

    The year is 1746 and England drafts from its colonies an army large enough to take over India twice over. This leads to a fierce naval battle between Britain and Portugal.
    Spoiler :

    What Britain doesn't understand is that there is a revolution brewing in America. The experience gained from General Washington would soon backfire on the Empire. He understands the guerilla warfare needed to defeat British lines, and the diplomacy needed to win the middle ground in the Ohio Valley.
    Spoiler :

    The Declaration of Independence has been signed, and the American Revolution has begun. The man leading it, George Washington, has been nicknamed the American Fabius.
    Spoiler :

    This is a country founded on the ideals of democracy, freedom and liberty. After the war, an election is planned; although, Washington probably will run uncontested due to his leadership and popularity. The real question is, will America go towards a path of great imperialism, manifest destiny, isolation, rural democracy, elitism, federalism, and/or slavery?

    The American Dream is that you can write your own history.
  3. Royal Tenenbaum

    Royal Tenenbaum Exiled

    Oct 23, 2012
    The American Revolution was violent and competitive. The American people demanded representation for their taxes. This eventually led to blockades from England, in which America was able to sink a small fleet using pirated frigates and galleons.
    Spoiler :

    Meanwhile, slave trading was still a reality; in obvious contrast to the Declaration of Independence which states all men are created equal.
    Spoiler :

    The Ohio Valley Indians fought hard for their own territory as well, but were defeated by superior weaponry.
    Spoiler :

    In 1783, Benjamin Franklin managed to get to Europe to talk about American ideals, politics, trading prospects, and that ilk. The galleon made a risk sailing across the Atlantic, but eventually made it to Portuguese lands where it stayed until it knew the path to France was safe from the British navy. Talking to France, America managed to get France to declare war on the British, and the French revolution soon after took place which modeled another democracy. Conversing with the Dutch, Americans learned the importance of corporations. Benjamin Franklin bringing back this information allowed new trading partners, expanded the range of democracy, and changed America from an agrarian society to a capitalist, free market society.
    Spoiler :

    In 1787, the war still raged on with no solution in sight. American ships continued to protect American seas, although fisherman were constantly subject to being captured. American seas were finally safe when the first Man of War, the USS Constitution, was built.
    Spoiler :

    The closing of the war in George Washington's 2nd term as president was a controversial move, in which he gave the Crown a large sum of money in order to secure a peace treaty. He said that was worth it, as it allowed the borders to be safe once again and naval trade routes to be open. Furthermore, he turned down a third term and continued his life at his home in Virginia. He said partisan bickering is something to be aware of and avoid. Outside of politics, American colonists looked for their manifest destiny in the West.
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    1st President, George Washington 1775-1796
    Spoiler :

    Bill of Rights ensured people their rights and closed the gap between Federalists and Anti-Federalists.
    The American Revolution was won.
    Westbound colonization and international trading partners.
  4. Royal Tenenbaum

    Royal Tenenbaum Exiled

    Oct 23, 2012
    3rd quadrennial presidential election

    Federalist Party
    John Adams, Age 61, former Vice President, diplomat, political theorist, and statesman. Opposed to slavery, having never bought one. Appointed George Washington as commander-in-chief during early years of the revolution. Helped Washington in securing peace with England and loans from Amsterdam (corporation tech). Wants to build up the American navy. Independent from partisan thought. Wants to stay neutral in international affairs. Wants stronger immigration laws.
    Spoiler :

    Democratic-Republican Party
    Thomas Jefferson, Age 70, principal author of Declaration of Independence. Wants to promote expansion and colonization. Wants softer immigration laws. Wants to remove Native Americans and put them in reservations to allow room for migrants. Wants to ban buying of new slaves. Wants to take away a great deal of federal taxes. Finds the navy unnecessary since America is in peace time. Wants no trade with England, and wants to create embargos against England through other democratic allies. Doesn't believe in a standing army, instead wants a well trained militia.
    Spoiler :


    Adams 8
    Jefferson 7
  5. ales_

    ales_ Heir

    Apr 10, 2012
    Toulouse, France
    John Adams
  6. calad

    calad Emperor

    Jul 26, 2012
    American civ is always intresting. Too bad taking whole North America before 30's is really hard and building all wonders is equal matter of luck.
  7. Reus

    Reus Polar Bear

    Nov 17, 2013
    Devon Island
  8. Pavel Chichikov

    Pavel Chichikov King

    May 26, 2012
    Hey has Mexico changed much in American game play so far?

    "Meanwhile, slave trading was still a reality; in obvious contrast to the Declaration of Independence which states all men are created equal."

    Slaves were originally considered 1/5 of a white person in your constitution, look it up. Not to mention the founding Fathers all owned slaves.
    Soon your America will fall away.
  9. cudfather

    cudfather Prince

    Apr 9, 2009
  10. baseballpie

    baseballpie Deity

    Nov 13, 2012
  11. citis

    citis Deity

    Jul 8, 2011
    John Adams Corporation tech will make the best.

    Another one story. I like this :goodjob:
  12. Royal Tenenbaum

    Royal Tenenbaum Exiled

    Oct 23, 2012
    Yeah I know that... thanks for the input...
    But really I encourage you to vote. You might end up liking it.
  13. Manuss

    Manuss Sleeping man

    Dec 30, 2013
    Nation of public debt

    Let's remake history... again...
  14. archcapitalist

    archcapitalist Warlord

    Mar 6, 2012

    adams already had 8 years to rule. he doesnt need another four
  15. Spirictum

    Spirictum Immortal

    Oct 19, 2007

    For the sake of chaos, let us elect a 70 y.o guy that might die in office, that would be great actually :mischief:.
  16. AluminumKnight

    AluminumKnight Conquistador

    Nov 7, 2004
    WI, USA
    Colonialist, it's a no-brainer :)
  17. DC123456789

    DC123456789 Deity

    Feb 24, 2012
    John Adams.
  18. The Diocletian

    The Diocletian Fire Fly

    Jul 15, 2013
    Birthplace of Aviation
  19. asewland

    asewland Warlord

    Jun 29, 2012
    United States
  20. Sanguivorant

    Sanguivorant Submitter

    Jun 26, 2012
    Calgary, Canada
    Thomas Jefferson, you can't have America without dem immigrants.

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