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American Civil War - JPetroski vs Techumseh


Winchester is liberated. The garrison is destroyed.

I will be taking off for the Ticonderoga area for a week tomorrow morning, returning late Sunday the 7th, so I won't be able to play for a bit.

(At some point, I really need to do a French and Indian War or American Revolutionary War scenario in that region)


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Union Fleet takes New Orleans!
Port Hudson also captured.
"A glorious victory", says President.
"@#&^$*^@!", says Confederate commander.
New Orleans.png

Confederate river fort at 101,199 demolished, 5 Union warships sunk. 4 Rebel militia defeated at New Orleans, 3 at Port Hudson, 1 US cavalry lost. 1 slave unit liberated NE of Pt. Hudson.

Naval Action in the Atlantic.
Extensive search of the Atlantic discovers and send to the bottom the infamous CSS Stormy, which transported the zombie rebel raiders to New York.

Sioux raiding party wiped out at Madison WI.
One Union militia lost.


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-Union cavalry dislodged near Jackson but it costs me a cavalry and infantry.
-A few Union infantry destroyed in the hills near Winchester

This will be my last post for a week so any more dastardly raids I'll just have to stew on lol. Well played with New Orleans.


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A few infantry cleared out near Winchester.


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No news. I haven't noticed anything in terms of Apache, but it's hard to say. I don't have much worth attacking by them either but they just seem to be milling about.


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-Union militia killed outside Atlanta.
-Union cavalry killed NE of Memphis
-Union militia killed W of Alexandria

Any mysterious damage to your units would be evidence.
I haven't noticed any so far.


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At least 3 artillery, numerous militia destroyed. A confederate general captured and a steamboat sunk. No Union losses.

In the north, 1 US infantry unit was lost in a failed attack on Green Bay, held by the Sioux.

(edit) Sorry, I forgot to report these actions: a Confederate militia unit was defeated on the river south of Jackson, with the loss of one US infantry. A Mississippi river fort was destroyed N of Memphis with a loss of 4 gunboats. Another river fort was destroyed SE of Port Hudson with a loss of 2 gunboats and one warship.


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-Union warship sunk off coast of North Carolina near Morehead City
-Multiple Union infantry and cannon destroyed in the wilderness between Fredericksburg and Winchester


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