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Sep 19, 2007
Well I was out looking for an ACW scenario and while apparently it has been attempted several times... all the projects seem to have died off or suffer from little to no development. I would like to change this, and since I currently have a month or so of leisure, the best time to start is - now.

I have a LOT of ideas for this, however they will probably take a while to implement as Python will be a new language for me. Therefore my initial is plan to just make a map and *playable* scenario to get started. Then move onto the intricacies of the behind the scenes jargon.

This scenario will be meant to accomplish two things. 1) Provide as accurate as possible view into this time of conflict. 2) Provide a replayable and fun, WHAT IF situation. What if the Trent Affair hadn't ended in the release of hostages? Would Britian strike? What if Napoleon had sent in reinforcements from Veracruz? Would Washington fall? What if the union blockade had failed? These are all possible, even almost were situations that WOULD have dramatically changed the outcome of this war, and the face of America as it is today.

So... as of right now, I'd like to get started. Mainly looking for insight and collaboration at this time. Ideas, things to avoid, city lists, units, etc. And I'm also looking for anyone who can point me in the right direction for picking up python. Language references, *good* tutorials, examples, etc..
And heres the possible city lists I've come up with so far....

Spoiler :


Georgia: Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Andersonville

Tennesee: Memphis, Chattanooga, Shiloh, Nashville

S. Carolina: Columbia, Charleston

N. Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington

Alabama: Montgomery, Mobile

Mississippi: Vicksburg, Corinth

Texas: Austin, Houston, Galveston

Arkansas: Little Rock

Virginia: Richmond, Norfolk, Appottomax

* Vicksburg functions as canal/landbridge across ms river (faux)
thus making it a VERY strategic location for seperating CSA
troops. This will actually be coast... so harborable lol.

* Montgomery will be the capital (yes it moved to richmond), but
maintenance wise its more centrally located, and the economy will
probably already be, slow, to say the least.

* Charleston, Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston, Wilmington, Savannah,
should NOT be overlooked.



** Washington DC

Border States: Louisville, Chancellorsville

Northern States: NYC, Albany, Trenton, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

Midwest: Columbus, Chicago, Indianapolis,
Detroit, St Louis

New England: Boston, Portland, Bangor, Augusta

Dakota Territory: Bismarck, Yankton

Kansas Territory: Wichita, Topeka, Colorado Springs*



Indian Territory: Apache (Oklahoma City?), Choctaw, Commanche

* maybe they get city sites in the other territories as well?

SPAINE (Carribean)


Carribean: Havana, Santo Domingo

BRITIAN (Canada, Carribean)


Carribean: Nassau, Bermuda (maybe)

Canada: Halifax, Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa, Fredricton (obvious)

FRANCE (Caribbean, Mexico)


Carribean: Haiti, St Martin, Guadelope, Martinique

Mexico: Vera Cruz

* not sure if vc will fit accurately, so possibly replaces mexico city
or is just a texas border city. or they get hispaniola (haiti)
How about building on this and adding other events before the civil war? So the Native American and European powers can do more. Sort a Colonization New World scenario till the end of the Civil war. Then you can add other Indigenous groups, and maybe Republic of Texas, perhaps Florida, Haiti, Mexico, some Quebec faction, and etc....
I'm not sure a lot of the smaller civs will be possible. But this is mainly limited by the fact that I want Britian, France, and Spaine to play a bit more of role than just occupying space. Whether this be eventual warring, or just playing a role in side quests. There will be some room left in the western frontier, and Canada though.... so maybe the Euros can duke it out over that area.

I've decided to leave Mexico out as well. Since French occupation interrupted the Govt in 1862 anyway, which falls just after the timeline will start (1860-1865). I'm thinking France will most likely get all of Mexico and the upper Yucatan. Spaine has a slightly englarged Cuba, and they will probably take Jamaica as well (hispaniola/haiti wouldn't fit). Britian will take Eastern Canada from Ottawa to Halifax as well as having a small presence in Nassau/Bermuda.

The Indians are something I have to work out. I'd planned for them to start as allies to the confederacy and that area is fairly strategic. The problem is, in reality, the Indians held down Oklahoma, but in the game if they only get that area they'll be too small to be effective. Then again they shouldn't penetrate too far north either, so this will take some more planning.

I've got the terrain map 80% complete. I need to work out the rivers, which is proving to be tedious, and then layout the cities/resources. Hopefully I can ge t that done tonight or tomorrow.
Yea that was one of the scenarios I seen that seemed to have slowed down dramatically. I see he mainly needs a map, which I'm almost done with, just need to work out a few small issues. Whenever thats done maybe I'll see if he wants to merge the two and continue on with his effort, or if not I'll just start something new.
yes it did die
this was posted 2 years later
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