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Jul 2, 2008
Well, there are definitly not alot of economic civs in the game, mostly Civs are strong at domination, or technology, but this civ is the BEST at an economic victory

America starts off with a great person, which doesn't really matter early in the game, I try to save him for a better moment to use him in the game

2% interest on gold doesn't, again, matter early, but matters alot later in the game. Let's say you have 5,000 gold, you get 100 gold in interest per turn, HUGE.

Rushing units at half price is great bonus, even though the other player has a cannon army, but you have 5 knights armies, so america might not has high tech armies, but they sure will have alot of them

Next, +1 from plains, very nice, but isn't as good as the others

Last, factories triple production, HUGE, if you get there. Most players win before that, and in multiplayer, it wont matter that much.
It big, but it might not be relevant enough.

Well America, the best country in the world, and it would make sense that America would be one of the best in there time (1900's-2000's)
And america is at least top 3 in late game, and might be the best in the late game.

stategy: turtle until late in game, ECONOMICS

rating: 8.5 out of 10


Nov 28, 2007
I was going for a domination victory all game with the Americans and ended up getting an economic victory with no gold specific cities because of the 2% interest. I never did rush any buildings or units though.


Dec 17, 2002
" Well America, the best country in the world, " depends , pre bush or after bush?
did you try any other country before saying that or you just repeat what you were told :p

id say ONE of the 9-10 best country in the world...

and if America was what it should be then yeah it would be the best country in the world but so would have been the U.S.S.R.


Hired Goon
Feb 23, 2001
Ringwood, NJ USA
Here's my take on the American Civ in the game:

Pretty flexible early and can dominate late if that's necessary. I play Deity level against the AI on DS - so this is where my strats apply.

Starting: I am a first-settler mover, and I usually try to find a spot that might offer extra growth and/or production for my capital. The great person can dictate early what I might do:

Scientist - like to get horseback riding on turn one and push out the horse units for exploration and battles. Will help in early rush.

Industrialist - like to get 50 gold early. Rush out warriors for an early army (close neighbor) or better exploration/barbs/villages. Try to get one warrior bulk of the barbs for promotions.

Builder - Trickier. Like to settle if capital has decent production - helps with barracks early and all buildings (and wonders) if I decide later. If there is a close neighbor early, I consider holding to rush Oracle - helpful for early battles and I do try to stay away from the save-and-load battle technique. Otherwise, I might even hold for a later wonder - handy to have for a later Leo's, East India, etc.

Humanitarian - I will settle in a production city - either the capital or one of the cities I designate - perhaps one that does not have a great deal of food for growth at first.

Artist - Meh. I carefully explore a bit (can pop a village at least) but will put in a city quickly and save. Wait to see if I can flip a rival's outpost city.

Techs - HBR, Bronze Working, Alphabet, Writing, COL, Ceremonial Burial, Monarchy, Feudalism. I make a beeline to Feudalism here and hit some key techs along the way. COL for an early republic, Monarchy for the great person (hopefully - assuming no English). I do Feudalism because I find that knights will make up the backbone of my army whether it is on defense or offense. Rushing armies of knights is always a great boon.

Once I can rush units cheaper, again there are several ways to go. Fielding a military with numerous units is always good for defense or offense. That's my preferred way to go, and it means settling only one or two additional cities. I try to make one of those a gold city to help with rushing - with another production city/blocking city in there if I can.

If I have a successful rush on a civ or two, it's either time to continue the battles or to push the tech. Continuing the fight is nice now that I now have several new cities including a capital or two and I can overwhelm the rest if they are close by. By then, there will be pikes and perhaps even some muskets, but I also will have highly promoted knights, hopefully a great general in there, and I'll be using sea support where I can.

The other option to consider if I think that knights cannot finish things is to REX like crazy. Keep in mind that settlers are units and can be rushed for the same low costs (as can spies, caravans, etc). I stay in republic and fill in wherever I can. Also handy to rush ship(s) for island settling as well. Gives a nice tech advantage quickly - and the trick there is to get to combustion while building Leo's so you can time those if possible (not necessary to devote a city to Leo's if you've kept a great builder or got another/stole one). With combustion, Leo's, and a good many knight armies with promotions upgraded to tanks, now you are done with the game.

Late game - don't get to the late game too much at parity, but at times it happens - and if another civ beat me to Leo's I may have to do tanks the old-fashioned way. I beeline Communism in this case - get the cheaper (first-to bonus) factories up (3x production), take the Communism government (more production still) and outproduce everyone. If I'm looking to score-boost, then keep one rival's capital alive, completely surround it with units and my own culture, and build space parts forever and a day. It's pretty boring, but I've been able to get scores in the 300,000 range for kicks.

That's my basic deal. Just my own way of things and I'm sure others have different ways - shows that they can be a flexible civ.
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