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Amplified 2023: Amplitude's 12th birthday!


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Oct 22, 2008

Amplitude is celebrating it's 12th birthday!
This birthday involves various interesting items, most of them you can follow on their Twitch account under AmplitudeStudios
  • On January 18 a fundraiser with a raffle, where you can e.g. win a Humankind merchandise package. Terms and Conditions
  • On January 19 a variety of streams in relationship to Endless Dungeon
  • On January 20 is a Humankind day, incluidng e.g. a discussion with historians about the game
  • On the weekend January 21/22 other announcements
  • You can buy Humankind metallic prints with a 30% discount if you use AMPLIFIED30 as code, sales page: https://displate.com/licensed/humankind
  • You can buy Humankind merchandise with a 20% discount if you use AMPLIFIED2023 as code, sales page: https://finalbossbundle.com/pages/humankind
Let's congratulate Amplitude for their 12 years and for such a great party: Congratulations [party] .
For clarity: The Fundraiser is not just on the 18th. You can still enter it today or on Friday (When we're talking about Humankind, which is obviously the most relevant to the people here. :) )
Also, no announcements on the weekend, just other people streaming our games for the celebration.

If I have a moment to breathe on Friday, I'll share any news we have about Humankind.
Well, it's not Humankind Day yet, but here's the first bit of news:

We've just released the Shackleton Update! Here's a quick summary of important features:
  • New Scenario: Terra Incognita. Explore the Antarctic and compete for its resources
  • You can now gift money, influence, and cities to other players. (No direct impact on the AI though.)
  • (Together We Rule) Added a new Embassy Agreement, Cultural Entente Official support for M1 and M2 processors. Thanks to all Mac users who shared feedback

Full Patch notes here: https://community.amplitude-studios...45-humankind-release-notes?page=2#post-366745
- Changed the city creation flow between Neolithic and Ancient Era: the first city creation and the 1st outpost creation are not mandatory anymore.
Wow, this one caught my eye! I can remember a few times where I chose to advance accepting a less desirable capital, including most recently Against the Odds, and I am excited to see what the community makes of the change.
Also, a brief summary of what our game director mentioned about upcoming updates:
  • Next step on our list is the promised naval rework
  • We will work on the naval battles so that they evolve more across the ages. Naval battles may also no longer feature a flag to capture
  • We're also looking into a big rework of how resources work alongside the naval improvements
  • Finally, we of course have many ideas for more culture, wonders, and other content.
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