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An alternative to Pandora

El Koeno

May 22, 2006
Does anyone here know an alternative to Pandora? It doesn't work from Europe.

I've never really gotten into Last.fm, not sure why. It just seems to focus on social networking, while I just want to listen to music and discover new stuff while I'm at it.

I'm now trying out Finetune, which looks okay, but I'm not entirely sure about it. It comes up with crappy songs quite often, and I haven't found a way to skip them like you can in Pandora.

Any suggestions?
You can go to http://www.live365.com
there's a free membership that you can sign up for, or you can get the VIP membership that you pay for. You can use Itunes with Live 365. I think you can also use Real Player too, but I'm not sure. So you can check it out if you're interested. It would make sense that you can use any audio program that can handle streaming audio. But you never know. So good luck.... I use both Pandora and Live 365 free membership with Itunes. There are other internet radio websites so you can do search on ones the have free memberships if you don't want to pay for listening to internet radio. Just a few ideas to try out. I hope you find something that fits the type of music you like, and the less it costs the better, especially if it's free!!!
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