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An EASY way to win at Revolutionary (HARDEST) difficulty... without much techniques

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Strategy & Tips' started by best_defense, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. best_defense

    best_defense Chieftain

    Sep 11, 2008

    Huge map
    Low sealevel
    2 players: yourself and one AI native

    First few turns:
    1. Build 1 city at coast, and start to build bell. Build bell related buildings. Try to keep only 1 citizen.
    2. Use ship to buy guns and sell them to native until that native has no more money. Once native starts to like you, make defense treaty agreement if possible.
    3. Even when native has very few $, you can still sell them more gun/horse with that kind of low price just to arm them well IF you got good relation with native.
    4. Get missionary widely spread out in distant native villages.
    5. Keep Total 2-3 citizens, 1 in that city, and 1-2scouts. Delete ALL the rest land units or make them missionary and go to tribes. Bring europe immigrant due to cross using ship, then delete them.

    Once bell is pretty high:
    1. Get out all citizens and delete them in order to make city size 1.
    2. All other land units are deleted as well, all new born converted natives are deleted as well. However, keep at least 1 in distance city. Try to have 2-3 if the revolution bell is already over then 50%.
    3. With low population, the revolution % would go very high.

    Declare independence:
    1. When war, the next turn, just run forest run (your scout), or build distant cities far apart if you want fun.
    2. If native didn't declare war to the king, ask native to declare war by given some $$$ (you got a lot from you gun trade, and that makes this SINGLE native very powerful).
    3. Just keep build new size 1 cities at FAR distances in between before you lose the last city...

    Native will kill all kings units for you, because:
    1. Single native in huge map low sealevel got MANY settlements and LOTS units.
    2. They are armed with the gun/horse you provided early
    3. Yourself has very few or nearly none military, and bell built fast due to deletion of citizens, King's number of units would NOT be a lot.
    4. This single powerful native has settlement everywhere, so when king's units try to move from your 1 inland city to another inland city, it is certain that these units will passing through native's land and ... being killed.

    1. do anything to strength the relationship with that native. (pick good civics as an example, pick france leader would help too, do not build any 2nd city within 3 square from a native city, etc.)
    2. keep guns in your city, sell horse first to get better relationship and get defense treaty before sell gun. (this strength the relationship too)
    3. keep enough $$$ (like thousands $), so it would be easy later ask native declare war.
    4. making native strong, but not too strong; and declare independence before native declare war on you cause they are strong.

    The above way won't ALWAYS work for hardest difficulty, but should work well for lower difficulty.
    The hardest difficulty requires you to buy few cannons, so that makes you worse a good ally to native, and after turn 20-30, trade 37 gun for just little money to keep good relation with native in every 3-5 turns.

    Basically you got watching native killing king's units, and win a game within first few dozens turns at highest difficulty level. Maybe not fun for pro, but if you haven't got any independence win in this game, here is one of the many ways.

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