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Feb 9, 2002
I think that there should more types of Great Leaders. This has been discussed before but I'd like to add my ideas. I think that there should be:

The Great Scientist
Examples: Newton, Einstein, etc.
Founds a Scientific institution, example Seti, Celera, etc.
These allow you to research more than one thing at a time, but are slower. Or acts as a portable wonder that doubles science. Cities with high science production have a chance of producing these.

The Great Entertainer.
Examples, Bach, Beethoven, Shakespeare,many of the modern pop groups.
Does something along the lines of writing a song, book, play that increases happiness in all connected cities. Appear in cities with a lot of happy people.

The Religious Leader
Examples: Jesus, Mohammed (hope I spelt that right) Confucious
Same effect as the Great Entertainer.
Appear in cities with high culture.

The Great Economist
Examples: Adam Smith, Keynes
Reduces corruption and waste throughout the empire due to increased economic knowledge.

The Great Industrialist
Examples: Ford, Gates
Founds a Coporation that will randomly complete things in your empire. As it gets older it gets more productive.

I also think that you should have negative leaders. These people do their work automatically and will cause negative things to your empire.


Dec 18, 2001
Amish Country, Wisconsin, USA
I also think that you should have negative leaders. These people do their work automatically and will cause negative things to your empire.

I can just picture it now....You're playing a game and have a great empire layed out and then.....A mafia (or some other evil thing) is sending some of your cities into disorder for no apparent reason, your losing tons of cash, production, or something. I can picture some people cussing, swearing, saying things like "that cheating computer!". (Oh wait....some people that play this game already do that!):D

But I guess the corruption in itself is already considered a mafia.


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Dec 27, 2001
Darkest New Jersey
I think that curufinwe's ideas are good ones, but need a little bit of refinement in terms of game mechanics. Remember, your Great (military) Leaders only stay around for abrief time, complete one task and then pass into the history books.

I think that these alternate "Great Leaders" should have a small (maybe 1%) chance of appearing when you build certain improvements or fulfill certain conditions, and a greater chance of appearing if you build certain Great Wonders relating to their specialty.

Each Leader should have the ability, like the current military Leaders, to move to a city and rush the production there. But the non-military Leaders should also be able to build certain Small Wonders that will have a temporary benefit to their city. If it can be worked into the rules, more than one of these Small Wonders can be built, but I've kept their effects modest and temporary so as not to unbalance the game. The Small Wonder's could be named for their creators, for instance, if you get a Great Scientist named Einstein, he could build "Einstein's Research".

Chance of appearing: when you complete a Library, University, or Research Lab.
Bonus chance of appearing: when you complete the Great Library, Copernicus' Observatory, Newton's College, or SETI.
Small Wonder: Research. The effects of all science improvements in that city are doubled for 20 turns. Produces one Culture point.

Chance of appearing: when a city passes a Cultural threshold (10/100/1000/10000 Culture points).
Bonus chance of appearing: when you complete Sistine Chapel, Bach's Cathedral, Shakespeare's Theater
Small Wonder: Artwork. Makes two Unhappy citizens Content for 20 turns. Produces two Culture points.

Chance of appearing: when you discover Map Making, Astronomy, Navigation, or Magnetism.
Bonus chance of appearing: when you complete the Great Lighthouse or Magellan's Voyage.
Effect: when you load the Explorer into a ship, it gains one movement point and can navigate all waters without sinking.

Chance of appearing: when you complete a Factory or Manufacturing Plant (if that's what they call them in Civ3 -- I rarely make it that far!)
Bonus chance of appearing: when you complete the Iron Works
Small Wonder: Corporation. Adds 1 Gold to every square already producing one. Expires after 20 turns.

Chance of appearing: when you complete a Courthouse or Police Station.
Bonus chance of appearing: when you complete the Forbidden Palace or Universal Suffrage.
Small Wonder: Legislation. Reduces Corruption in the city where it is built. Produces one Culture point. Does not expire.

The concept of negative or "criminal" leaders is a good one, but I think it would stray too far from basic Civ3 rules to work them in. As Bamspeedy pointed out, the corruption in your cities already represents the work of unchecked crime.

Of course, since I'm not a programmer, this is all just an exercise in speculation.
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