An Oncoming Train Wreck - Beginners HoI2 AAR


Apr 10, 2003
British Columbia
So now that I have my copy of HoI Anthology, it's time to make my own AAR.

Now, I doubt that this will actually turn into a train wreck. I'll probably have a fairly easy time. But I'm sure I'll make all sorts of stupid mistakes. Luckily though, after all of the AARs I've read, I've managed to absorb a fair amount of basic information. i.e. don't start researching technology unless you've reached the appropriate year. So that will at least help me out.

So here it goes:

Country Germany
Difficulty Very Easy :mischief:
AI Aggresiveness Normal
Version Doomsday v 1.3a (JCJS)

To begin, the German military is scattered throughout the county. Knowing that Europe is a powderkeg waiting to explode, divisions are shifted around. The divisions on the Austrian and Czech borders are moved to the French and Polish borders, as Austria and Czechoslovakia won't be existing much longer. The entire German navy is shifted from ports along the North Sea into the safer ports along the Baltic. The last thing I need is to end up losing them to the British until sea strength is adequate enough to defend itself.

Production is immediately focused on expanding current industry. Additional factories are ordered for various provinces right away and scheduled to be completed in mid-December, 1936. Left over IC is used to produce a few Infantry units to bolster the numbers of the German military.

As German forces moved towards the borders, divisions arrive in Cologne, thus breaking a stipulation of the Treaty of Versailles by re-occupation of the Rhineland. The act immediately sours relations with the UK, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Midway through the year, war broke out on the Iberian peninsula. Spain had fallen into a civil war, fought between the Communist-backed Republicans and Fascist-backed Nationalists.

The German government opted to send supplies to Franco and his Nationalist forces. Supplies and money were shipped in an attempt to help out the Nationalists in their conquest of Spain. Just like the Rhineland re-occupation, this action angered the French and British, while also bringing Germany slightly closer to Italy. A Nationalist win would provide Germany with a potentially friendly nation.

After a few months of fighting, the two sides had established a long frontline stretching east-west across Spain. The Nationalists had taken control of the north of the country, including the capital of Madrid. The Republicans meanwhile, had taken the south of the country, as well as the Balearic Islands, and the Moroccan colonies. The front lines seemed to be rather stable with only the occasional change between the two sides. Over time, only small changes had been made to the borders. The Republicans took Salamanca, while the Nationalists took Castellon.

By mid-December the last of the new factories had been completed, increasing the German industrial capacity. German industry immediately began constructing weapons and vehicles for the war effort, with large numbers of tanks and rifles being produced.

Arne H D of the industrial department reporting, if you need some advice, just ask me.
I'd recommend always having at least 3 infantry divisions being trained at any one time, at least up to around 1941. As you're playing on an easier difficulty, you could probably get away with training 6 without sacrificing IC.

You didn't mention a council for this AAR, but if there is one I would be proud to administrate the Ministry of Silly Walks in your absence ;)
I'd recommend always having at least 3 infantry divisions being trained at any one time, at least up to around 1941. As you're playing on an easier difficulty, you could probably get away with training 6 without sacrificing IC.

You didn't mention a council for this AAR, but if there is one I would be proud to administrate the Ministry of Silly Walks in your absence ;)

I made sure to still be producing units the entire time. Created some infantry as well as a few panzers.

Council of Doom:

Minister of the Army
Minister of the Kriegsmarine nodikus
Reichsmarschall der Luftwaffe Prince von Scamp
Minister of Industry ArneHD
Minister of Propoganda Hitti-Litti
Minister of Noobish Advice sirtommygunn
Minister of Silly Walks Kan Sharuminar
I'll serve with the Kreigsmarine.
As the year 1936 ended, and 1937 began, German industry continued to produce rifles and tanks for the German military. The majority of the IC was now committed to the production of these goods, with some additional IC put aside to expanding German industry. Meanwhile, in early 1937, German diplomats sought to improve relations with Italy and Japan by signing the Anti-Comintern Pact. The purpose of this pact was to try to contain the growth of global Communism. As a result of the pact, relations with the Soviet Union were slightly damaged.

The Spanish Civil War continued to rage on as the Nationalists and Republicans fought over control of the country. Soon however, the Nationalists broke through in Valencia and began to push southwards. Soon the Republicans had been pushed deep into the south of the country making it obvious that the Nationalists would eventually claim victory. The advance slowed down, but gradually the Nationalists defeated the Republicans, who promptly surrendered.

With the Nationalist victory in Spain, German soldiers who had been sent to assist now returned home. The Condor Legion had tested out much of the new German weaponry and tactics for the first time.

In March 1938, Germany formed a union with Austria called Anchluss. This act had been forbidden according to the Treaty of Versailles, but France and the UK made no moves to prevent it. Austria's neighbours, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Italy, were also alarmed by the move.

The Austrian army now flew the German flag, with 16 divisions swearing allegiance the the Fuhrer, in addition to 1 bomber wing. The forces were quickly reassigned, with 9 divisions stationed along the Italian and Yugoslavian borders, with the rest be redeployed to the French and Polish borders.

In the summer of 1938, Germany laid claim to the Czech Sudetenland. Seeking to avoid conflict, the Treaty of Munich was signed between Chamberlain, Hitler, Mussolini, and Daladier. According to the treaty, Sudetenland would be ceded to Germany, and Germany promised that this would be the last of it's territorial expansions.

Later in 1939, Czechoslovakia came to an end. The country was split in two, with Slovakia taking the east of the country, with Germany annexing the rest. The Germans set up a puppet government in Slovakia and took control of the military.

In August 1939, Soviet and German ministers signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, outlining German and Soviet spheres of influence, as well as forming a non-aggression pact between the countries. Following an invasion of Poland, the country would be split, with the fates of the Baltic countries and Finland placed in the hands of the Soviets.

A week later, Germany issued an ultimatum to Poland; Cede Danzig or face war. Having a guarantee of independence from France and the UK, the Poles bravely refused, putting the two countries in a state of war. Germany was now at war with Poland, France, and the British Empire.

The current situation:

Western Front

Eastern Front

And the army, navy, and air force numbers.

Don't worry, you'll get all sorts of planes soon enough
I'll be lurking :)
Use your fast troops (cavalry/tanks/MEC/MOT) to create pockets of enemy troops. Then use a combination of infantry and whatever you have behind your lines to crush the pockets, as this will destroy them utterly (while attacking them outright will simply force them to retreat).

Oh, and in terms of industry, remember to research industrial techs, machine tools etc. These are VITAL for your industry. An don't forget the agricultural techs, as Germany manpower is going to be in short supply when you invade the Soviet Union.

Also: NEVER use your infantry as a garrison (partisan suppression), use the garrison unit instead, it's trained faster than a militia, thus it shouldn't impact your economy
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