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Ancient Navies? Warships vs Trade Ships? Triremes or War Galleys?


Oct 30, 2022
There are only so many shields and cities for Civs to build naval fleets, especially in the early game. Not to mention the limited role navies play in standard Civ. With that said, I currently have two lines of ancient ships, but it isn't quite playing out as intended. I currently have two lines, but with limited resources and cities in the early age there aren't sufficient resources, or time, for both lines to be built. My current naval line looks like this:
  • Trade Ships: Scouting Boat -> Galley -> Caravel -> and so forth
  • War Ships: Trireme -> Galleass -> and so forth
I am thinking of (somewhat) merging the the two lines in the ancient era, galley's for everybody (lower attack), and triremes/war galleys for seafaring Civs. Then having Galleass start a new heavy warship line in Era 2.

@timerover51 I have a question for you, biremes, triremes, etc. are the same thing as galleys (just different designs based on banks of oarsmen), correct? If so, having a trireme AND a galley wouldn't make much sense as they are essentially different names for the same thing. I was thinking of making the galley as the standard ancient ship for NON seafaring Civs. Then a "war galley" with one extra attack for seafaring Civs. They wouldn't be separate lines. If I do this, should I call them galley and war galley? Or maybe bireme and trireme?

I also added Piracy in the ancient era like @Theov. The tech tree goes: Boat Building (Trading Boat, Harbor) -> Sailing (Galley, Port) -> Ship Building (Trireme, Shipyard) -> Piracy (Pirate Haven, Pirate Galley). If I merge the trireme and galley into the same line, I am thinking of having the trading boat and galley available to ALL Civs, then the trireme (or war galley if that is a better name) available only to seafaring civs, and then ALL civs have access to Piracy and thus, pirate galleys.
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