Ancient Techs Rebalanced modmod available for VP


Mar 11, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
I have had for quite a while a mod that modifies the ancient era by adding hunting, fishing, mysticism, stone tools and wood working. Monument and shrine buildings require these new techs and scouts / pathfinders require hunting. New buildings include furrier, carpenter, fish traps, apiary and the Lascaux Caves and Knossos wonders.

I have now adapted that mod for usage for VP for those who are interested in trying it out. The VP version can be found here. The main differences between VP and this modmod (other than what is described above) are:
  • All food resources are visible from the start and some of them can be improved with the new tier 1 techs (fishing, hunting)
  • Chopping forests is shifted to mining
  • Chopping jungles is shifted to bronze working
  • Trading post and lumbermill improvements become available with pottery and woodworking respectively (trading post starts at +1 gold then goes back to VP's +3 gold + 1 culture with currency)
Current Issues / future fixes
  • The Labyrinth of Knossos (wonder) damages units all around city regardless of if they are on land or on sea. I will update this in the future to only affect land units.
  • In my original mod, I had the elder council building which somewhat conflicts with VP's council building. I intend to replace the elder council building with VP's council building (putting the latter in Mysticism) but need to find another building to put inside the wheel tech first as it will be rather empty without a building. Until then both elder council and council buildings are in this modmod.
  • I am using a borrowed lua algorithm that checks for unimproved resources for building requirements (fish traps and lascaux caves depend on it). There is an issue this algorithm not always working - something that I will look into after Christmas.
  • Will eventually modify throwing axeman to upgrade to archer
If some people decide to try it out it would be interesting to have some feedback on if they think this modmod compromises VP balance too much. I have done a few runs and sofar feel that it the first tier techs could use some more buildings. I'll be abroad pretty much from tomorrow so won't really be doing any updates until after the new year (nor reading any forum comments). Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year until then!
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