And a new generation comes up


Richard's voice
Jun 4, 2006
This is how you know you are becoming old.

your kids start to play with your game... and want legos out of it :)

here are 2 photos of (approx)
Arthendain and Bambur fighting a beast of Agares :

well, I could only use the figures available to me and did not try to buy special ones... so make-do
I've played some FFH recently. It reminded me of good old days...
Yesterday I started my first game FfH game in a year and a half. I had almost forgotten how amazing this mod is :D

(I'm Sheaim and two eras behind Falamar, who's teching away to glory :lol:)
It'd been a while for me too, but I tried Civ V first and was so disappointed. So glad to be back. :)
that's really wholesome
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