Angry Anarchists

Dec 17, 2002
this unit is supposed to be some punks wearing sneakers, blue jeans and a big black hooddie sweatshirt. Oh yeah and an AK 47!

He is made for second revolution mod 3.0 coming for BtS.

please remember me when you use him ;)

download here

Well, IF there are patriots in BtS, I know which guy to put in there in case the normal unit is not to my liking. :goodjob:
The USA will get around 7-8 UU's in 2nd rev 3.0. and will have at least 3 possible leaders besides bush. that means, you can play as USA even if you don't agree with bush or like him.
i was about to say make him carry a molotov.

also: sex pistols theme music.
im gonna have some other people with molotovs. but trust me there will be plenty thrown!!! ;)

im thinking about paring this model with my disgrutled citizen unit, and then calling it Reactionaries.
What about happy anarchists ? :p
Hooray! They'll dance in the streets and egg the white house.
:rotfl: :rockon: :cheers: Wow, those people... :eek: they would probably do this: :backstab: That IS a funny unit.
What's the strength of the unit? I bet they'd rather do this: :ar15: than this :pat: Wait, what do they look like when they :run:... Yes, I like smilies. :D
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