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Aug 3, 2007
I think I remember reading somewhere that animals were being looked at in Shadow. I know there's also a customization to allow animals to last longer in the game. I also know that there was a mod to deal with this as well :).

Still, the thing that is missing in all of these is that they're not set in a standard game. The animals are a great addition I think, but they don't last long enough. I've never created the Grand Menagerie in my many times of playing, and even putting a good bit of effort into it. Animals tend to disappear about 20 turns after you can even research the tech and level up a scout to grab them. OK, all known stuff, but I'm still ranting a little... on to the idea!

Dire animals/Named animals. I'd be amazed if this hasn't actually come up. Just like baby spiders, it's time for the other animals to grow up. Now with the ability to have lairs inside borders, there should be animal-spawning events. Ursus the bear should spawn along with a bear den on some random unworked tundra mountain tile. Every type of animal should have an event like this one. Unlike the current spawning baddies, it could be much more random (any turn between 1-500). I'd suggest 'dire' versions of the animals spawned from these special lairs that are able to move inside borders and attack towns (still -25%, but able).

That way, people could hunt them out to finish their collections. For those who don't care about the animal collections, it would be nice to get rewards for destroying the lairs (say a Great Bear pelt you can put into a town for extra cash/happiness).


Lord Commander
Nov 1, 2007
Certainly would be neat. I'd like to do more than hunt down barbatos and acheron. I can think of all sorts of cool places / events.

"Your rangers have reported sightings of a great stag in the north. The first hunter to kill it will bring glory to their civilization.

"In the western jungle, lizardfolk tribes have a new god, a great reptilian monster. They have become more active and prepare for war to sate the great beast's hunger."

"Deep in the mountains of Kalmoth, an ancient creature has awoken and found its way to the surface." (think Balrog)

"Pixies in the eastern forest are renowned for the mystical properties of their dust, but also their deadly sting. An enterprising wizard wishes to mount an expedition to capture them to create a 'pixie farm', enabling ease of access to reagents."

"A family of unicorns has been sighted in nearby glades. If such a creature could be captured, the medicinal properties of their horns could be used in the creation of new medicines for the populace." (allows the creation of a "unicorn camp", a special resource for +1 :health: in all cities)

"A great boar hunt has been called. The hunter to bring down the beast will win everlasting glory to his nation."

Etc, etc.


Great Sage
Feb 14, 2007
Kael's head
Sounds alright. I would definately like more variety of animals. I would also like for all captured animals to have some unique building they can build, which would contribute towards making the Menagerie buildable. However, it would be much too hard to build this wonder if it required all these buildings (especially those for very rare animals that may not show up every game), so it should only require that you have a certain number of animal cages in the city.

I would also like animals to be more different from each other, not just in strength/movement/means of spawning. They should, for instance, start with different promotions. I would really like to see the return of panthers, but now with the forests stealth promotion (which should also be added back)


Dec 21, 2005
I'm another animal lover (um, maybe I should reword that) and really like the ideas here. I'd also like to see more types of lairs. A next step would be to introduce "monsters" which would be unique Orcus-like creatures that would provide a promotion when defeated.

BTW: If you want to improve your chances of the Grand Menagerie, use an archipelago map. This can allow isolated groups of animals to survive (and breed) until you can reach them by boat.


The Nobody
May 20, 2007
Good ideas for new events :goodjob:
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