Annoying aspect of Japanese UHV


Mar 16, 2006
Hi all,

Wondering if this is bugging anyone else. I keep missing the first part of the Japanese UHV because, even though I've conquered and eliminated the chinese/khmer civilizations, there's still a bare trace of "independent" culture within the first five tiles radiating from kyoto. It literally says 99% Japanese 0% Independent. I've satisfied the spirit of the uhv, if not the technical part. But this culture has been there for a millenia and doesn't go away!!! The chinese culture evaporated when it collapsed, but the independent culture lingers...

the code actually says that Independent culture doesn't count so something else may be the problem. can you post a save?
If anyone is having problems with the Japanese UHV, specifically when you lose a city before 1850AD (part of the UHV of RFC), then this might help. Looks like there was some code which did not get removed in RFC RAND:

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