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Mar 2, 2007
Hello Darkpanda, Tupi, ...

Do you think it would be possible to create a patch to change the initial values for ratio science / taxes / luxuries. The initial default values are 50% / 50% / 0% and many player prefer for example 100% / 0% / 0%. So, at the start of a new game, the first thing they have to do is to change the values. ...which is boring !
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Jun 25, 2011
I was pretty sure darkpanda created such a patch long time ago, but nope, cannot find it. It would be better with configurator, so that you can enter any desirable ratio with "Configure" button, but you need darkpanda for that, to include such functionality in a new version of JCivED. For just 100/0/0, I will take a look now... But I'm still pretty sure this hack was talked before...

EDIT: there's no easy way to do that. Game uses the same value for both science and tax rate, so we can set it, for example, to 2 tax/2 science/6 luxury or 4 tax/4 science/2 luxury etc. To explicitly set tax and science rate, we need 12 bytes, but original code uses only 11 bytes here. Will try to think out something, but probably not possible. EDIT: the solution is to move values into "tax" and "science" as bytes, not words. Then it's 5 bytes per instruction and not 6, and 10 bytes total and not 12 (from 11 available).

go to address
0x2fde6 (in civ.exe version 05 en) or 0x2f5e6 (in civ.exe vv 01,03,04 en)
or search for:
b8 05 00 89 84 0e df 89 84 10 b2
and then replace it with:
c6 84 0e df 00 c6 84 10 b2 0a 90

Blue number is for science, orange number for tax (0xA in hex = 10 in decimal). You can use other values.

Patch for JCivED (put it into "patches" folder and then use "Patch/Open CIV executable..." in JCivED):


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