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Another Vikings UHV Guide - though a bit more technical/specific

Discussion in 'Gameplay Guides' started by BaneFire, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. BaneFire

    BaneFire Chieftain

    Jun 6, 2011
    Fresol wrote an excellent Vikings UHV guide (3! years ago), but I enjoy the Viking UHV so much that I thought I'd write up a little guide myself to help anyone who found his guide to be not specific enough. Also, his video is no longer on that website, so that's a bit of an issue. My guide might be a bit eclectic, but hopefully you find it useful.

    1. First city on Oslo. Second city on Nidaros. Workers route to iron, mine it, mine the silver tile. Oslo, barracks first, Nidaros, settler. Settle Stockholm, and depending on preference, Roskilde. Roskilde gives extra core population and makes the invasion of Germany a bit easier, but on the other hand is a kind of crap city.
    2. Navigate with your settler/archer galley to the British Isles. Drop your archer on the Britain to scout it out and grab the goody hut. Settler onto Ireland, found Armagh. Science to 90% (or 80%), and culture to 10%/20%. This is because we want Armagh to expand onto the ocean tiles.
    3. Tech order is rush civil service, then beeline to compass.
    4. After the Oslo barracks is complete, you may still have a few turns until civil service is done. Grab a granary or cog according to preference.
    5. First Nidaros settler to Stockholm. Second, get on a spare cog and sit in/near Armagh to settle Reykjavik as soon as possible. Third, in that spare cog and sit on the tile 1SW of Reykjavik. When you both have compass and have founded Reykjavik (note that depending on the order you make your settlers/cities/techs, this may be either way), science to 0 and culture to 100. Reykjavik should instantly next turn (or after two or three) expand to the SW ocean tile, allowing your cog with settler to move across once you've got compass. Move it to Vinland and settle. If done correctly you should be able to do this by around 1060 or so, well before the deadline.
    6. Back to the conquest requirement. I prefer England since they're closest and often quite weak and London is a very good city.
    7. Chop wood to speed up Oslo and Stockholm's barracks. Once you have civil service, pump out as many Huscarls as possible. With a barracks and Conquest civic, you can get City Attack 2 Huscarls, which are frankly beasts. You should find that 4 of these can easily take London, although I'd recommend as many as possible to ensure victory and for later use.
    8. Reserve your two/three original huscarls for Exeter/Bath. Meanwhile, with 4 or more city attack Huscarls, plop those near London. If Newcastle has been founded, you have two options: if it's still early on by the time your Huscarls are complete (950AD or so), you can take it after London. If it's a bit later, then you may want to reload a save.
    9. Position your boats so that they are one tile away from being next to London or Bath. Wait out a few turns to familiarise yourself with the units England has in the South - they may rotate some of their Heavy Swordsmen out of the cities, leaving only Crossbowmen and in my lucky case, an Archer.
    10. Declare war. Move your boats so they are next to London and Bath - this should expend all movement points. Attack, and hopefully, take the cities. If Newcastle hasn't been founded, congratulations - you've taken all the cities in the English core. If Newcastle does exist, take that to secure it. Note that the game says Newcastle is a contested area, but it still counts as an English Core Area, so must be taken.
    11. Pillage some English plots, although at this point in the game they might not have that many. Kill Cork if they built it. You may need to kill some more English units, but once they've only got Edinburgh left, you should be able to capitulate them into Danelaw. At this point I change to Christianity and Vassalage/Tributaries, since your stability will be pretty damn low. Keep an eye on the counter to see if you don't need to do this slightly earlier. Note that Christianity can be done at any point, but I find the idea of Norse Vikings conquering England far more appealing than Christian ones.
    12. By the time 1100AD rolls around, you should have London, Armagh, Stockholm and Oslo as very good cities able to pump out units repeatedly. I often actually return Cork/Bath/Newcastle to England to keep stability reasonable, but always keep London. Vinland sucks, and to be honest I'd gift it away, but I keep it for RP reasons. Roskilde and Nidaros also suck, but Nidaros has good production and can pump out Cogs, especially if you build a Trading Post there.
    13. This part of the game is now mostly up to you. Although you've dropped Conquest, meaning you can't get City Attack 2 Huscarls any more, the combination of 4 good cities means you can pump out twice as many City Attack 1 Huscarls anyway. I wouldn't waste time building buildings, to be honest - you'll merely risk missing your third victory requirement.
    14. Beeline/tech trade Feudalism for Lancers (trade horses if needed). Note that your third UHV requirement only requires *earning* the money - not having it (vastly preferable to say, the Inca, who have to sit with a treasury of 2500 for no reason). Therefore as you conquer cities, you can buy techs from other civs, which is a pretty damn good trade imo. Once you've got Feudalism, head to cartography. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T LEAVE THE MEDIEVAL ERA!!! You will lose your pillaging/city conquest bonus and make the third task far more difficult to achieve.
    15. Now that you've got a mighty fleet of multiple cogs, a huge army of city attack Huscarls, and pump out maybe 4-6 Lancers or so, all Europe is your victim. I took out the Baltic cities first, taking Hamburg and Magdeburg and vassalising Holy Rome, returning Magdeburg. Rinse and repeat for Poland, taking Gdansk and Krakow, vassalising, returning Krakow. In theory you can return Hamburg/Gdansk, but I decided to keep them as they were actually pretty decent cities.
    16. You may want some trebuchets/bombards for France, as Paris is one tough nut to crack. However have plenty of lancers present - France pumps out Lancers who will shred your good Huscarls, and also has a **** ton of beautiful hamlets and cottages which will give you upwards of 100 gold for pillaging.
    17. Once you've got cartography, upgrade a cog to a caravel and head to meet the Aztecs. Note that in one game I discovered the Aztecs without cartography and it didn't trigger the conquerors event, which was pretty annoying. Conquer these guys, make sure to grab Danibaan so you can send your caravel to the Pacific and to do the same with the Inca. Note that like France, the Inca sometimes have some pretty good cottages, and their mines are also worth pillaging.
    18. Don't lapse into building buildings for buildings sake. Keep pumping out units - you never know when a awkward battle in France means you have to turn to somewhere else to pillage and raid. Russia's General Winter makes attacking a nightmare, and equally Spain and Portugal will have pretty beastly armies. However, Independent Italy, the Byzantines if they defeated the Ottomans, and even Egypt are all good raiding targets.
    19. Hopefully with a combination of England, Holy Rome, Poland, the Aztecs, the Inca, France and maybe one other country, you can meet the 3000 target with a few turns to spare.
    20. Return cities you don't want, and enjoy being the most powerful country in the world by having devastated Europe!


    All in all, the Vikings are a super fun UHV and I recommend them to any. The conquering a core challenge with such little time makes you basically be forced to pump out units, equally the island hopping to North America is reminiscent of Polynesia. This combination of basically focusing on expansion and conquest is pretty, you know, Viking.

    If I did have a recommendation, it would be to make the third victory requirement be "take 15 European cities and pillage 60 European tiles", or something like that. Alternatively "take (but you don't need to hold) a city in Southern Italy, the Middle East, Greece, France and Russia by 1500", which instead changes it from conducting a number of sustained campaigns of pillaging, into a series of rapid strikes against Europe. This might be a bit easier though, but I do like the idea of being required to just beat up all of Europe, rather than just pillage all of France and Spain.

    Thanks, Leoreth!
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    mateyson Chieftain

    Mar 14, 2018
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