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Ansalon (Dragonlance Continent)


Out of Cheese Error
Jan 7, 2003
I corrected my Ansalon map. Now you can sail without problem in North of Nordmaar and in East of the Minotaur Islands. I also corrected the special Toundra terrain for the Ice Wall (Apparently, I didn't zipped the right file last time :mischief: )

It is a map without ressource or starting location. You can add them easily (and randomly) in Civ3QEdit (Map>Redistribute). This map comes with my Savannah terrain, a beta Plains of Dust terrain and modified Toundra and Snow Moutains to simulate a better Ice Wall.

(V1 removed after 44 downloads)

Warning, it's a RAR file


  • DragonLance.rar.not.zip
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Ansalon is a continent of the world of Krynn, an ancient gaming world from AD&D, now available for D20. Dragonlance (the name of the setting) is now more known for his line of books than for his RPG setting.

The red hills are temporary LM terrain. They are not included in this pack.
Dust Plains replace marsh. In my scenario, it's an unbuildable but destroyable terrain.
Hey, Supa I take it your a DragonLance Fanatic?
Some good books I've read are: Firstborn, The Kinslayer Wars, and The Qualinesti.
I always thought of Kryyn to be a little dark.

BTW Dragonlance series has hundreds of books by dozens of Authers so if you run across a cabnit full don't look suprised

"The two armies wheeled and skimished across the flatlands, using forest for cover and obstruction, making sharp calvary sweeps and sudden ambushes. Lives expired men and elves suffered agony and maiming and yet the great boidies of the two armies did not meet"

- a section from the Kinslayer Wars
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