Answer an official survey for Civ VI

There was a survey sent to emails where a survey for civ 6 was. I didn't get it my self, but someone posted it into reddit.

Here is the link:

I think this is exactly the kind of communication that is useful. We get to know that there are further plans for the game and the devs get to learn from our opinions.

What do you think this means for the future of the game?
Who knows?

I completed the Survey. I really struggled with the questions about “what package would you like best?”. Basically, I’d happily pay for paid semi-annually released updates, that focused on some mechanical polish, limited new mechanical content (no rules bloat please), and otherwise served up lashings of flavour (new leaders, alt leaders, maps, chunky scenarios).

This content should also include more tweets and video posts from Ed, Sarah, Anton and Carl being adorkable and getting way too excited about stuff. That’s a must have.

Personally, I think Civ VI is just perfectly built for long term ongoing support. At some point, that support might pivot from “lots of new mechanics” to “more flavour and scenarios”, but still, it’s very modular and the core mechanics are rock solid. In my dream world, I’d even like to see things like Colonization and Beyond Earth being brought back as expansions or dlc to the base game. That would be awesome.
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So there's an survey now where you pick what type of content you wish to see in civ games.

Very interesting, I wonder is it just some regular 2K marketing info stuff, or is it specifically for some new Civ VI dlc or expansionis?

The survey answers your question. They want to know how to deal with their future DLCs.
"Please rank the following in order of what you’d like to see in Civilization VI DLC and expansions"
I'm happy to see they are going to be putting more effort into Civ VI.

Personally i am happy with the way the industry is moving towards a long term support DLC model. You end up with fantastic full well polished games.

However i think this definitely puts any chance of getting access to the DLL anytime soon to death. Which tbh is a bit depressing considering how much modders could do if they got their hands on the AI code
That was a pretty interesting survey. The last part was a bit difficult because I had no clue what most of the games were about, but I liked the part where I had to pick from different content bundles, I wonder how they will treat that data.
I hope they address the collected data somehow, even with a tweet. Maybe add in a comment about the results and conclusions.
liked the part where I had to pick from different content bundles, I wonder how they will treat that data.
I've got an impression that those were designed to sift out the elements you really value, the ones you would tolerate, and what is a complete no-go, then, the most important data would be drawn from the final ranked list of what you really valued.

I hope everyone has put customization at the top of the list. :trouble:
I was doing my best, and although it didn't make to the very top, I landed it somewhere around the middle :hide:
Completed the survey - went with whatever was free and/or semi-annually released. Not sure how often customization fell into either of those categories!
I hope everyone has put customization at the top of the list. :trouble:
Yes, I did :yup: - but I also wrote, that they should return to the - for strategy games - much better suited Civ 3 units and especially should step away from that horrible table-top-presentation of the game.
interesting survey, i liked the pick 1 from 3 multiple times as an idea to find what yor liked/hatrd. for me any multipleyer/weekly item was ranked last. then i looked at the rest.
Yes, interesting survey.

I just add a message concerning the IA to be more ... intelligent (now with machine learning, neuronal networks etc i guess we can do something really better)
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