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Any good Continental USA Maps out there?


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Apr 22, 2002
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Looking for a largish map of the USA - something between 180x180 and 256x256. I'd like it to focus on the Continental US, with a small amount of Mexico and Canada being fine.

The closest I've been able to find are these, and I really don't want to make my own just yet:
- Sourboys: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=96895&highlight=north+america
- Cantankerous's: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=61694&highlight=USA

Sourboys is good, but has everything from the Arctic through Central America - way more than I need.

Cantankerous's is exactly what I am looking for, only it is a bit too small, is in PTW .bix format (no volcanoes or swamps), and has some minor inaccuracies.

If anyone has something along those lines or knows where I can get one, your help would be much appreciated. If not, I'll modify Cantankerous's and use that until I have time to make my own.

Thanks guys, and Happy Holidays! :D
Hmmm, well if it helps incur a response, here is what I plan on using it for:

Due to my career taking off and having 2 kids my time for modding has been limited to 2-3 hours a month. The great Hard Drive Crash of '05 also wiped out about 90% of all my previous work, which wasn't exactly encouraging to continue with large scale modding. I have several partially finished projects lying about, and I recently decided to at least clean them up a bit, get the point of what I was trying to accomplish into the biq, then post it as a Work In Progress in the hopes that someone else can take it, or at least be inspired by it, or poach some of my work for their own mods. At least I will be contributing something to the Civ3 Community, which I hope continues to thrive.

One of my unannounced ideas that I never did much work on beyond research (Between Modzilla, Modhalo, and Destiny Reborn my hands were full) was some kind of post-apocalyptical U.S. Civil War Scenario. 90% of the Worlds' population is gone, but major population and government Cities still survive, but barely. The cause of the devastation can be anything - Global Warming, Nuclear War, Pandemic Disease - whatever. I haven't decided yet. The 28 most populated Continental U.S. States have decided to form their own mini-nations, the remaining (least populated) 20 states remain loyal to the original U.S. Central Government. There will also be a Canadian and Mexican Civ.

Since the pre-disaster government capitals had some kind of emergency plans and infrastructure in place, they survived, if barely. Major cities (over 1 million) also survived. Each faction (Loyal U.S. States, Rogue State Nations (all 28 of them), Canada, and Mexico) will have a surviving capital and whatever cities with over 1 million residents pre-disaster. Some Rogue State-Nations will start of with only one city, others, like Texas and California, will have several. Loyal U.S. States will start of with 22 cities, but will be spread out with many weak points, and will not be able to build any kind of settlers until mid-game, unlike the rogues. Loyal US States are locked in a war with each of the Rogues. This will force the Rogues to work together in some capacity.

Canada and Mexico will each start with a misplaced capitol (due to mapping reasons) as well as any large cities. They will also not be able to build settlers until mid game. Their resources will be low, but will have a strong defense. They are neutral in the U.S. War, so may be allied with any of the factions. All Rogue States start off neutral with each other.

All State Capitals will get bonuses to many things due to their extra infrastructure. This especially helps the LUSA, which has 20 state capitals, as opposed to the 1 each in the Rogues. Each state also MAY have major population centers, which receive a food and culture bonus. Most Nations have 0 or 1 major population centers. A capital may also be a major population center, in which case it will have both improvements. The only nations to have more than 1 population center are:

- Los Angeles
- San Diego
- San Jose
- San Francisco

- Austin (Also State Capitol)
- Houston
- Dallas
- San Antonio
- El Paso
- Fort Worth

- Washington D.C. (Also State Capitol)
- Las Vegas
- Albuquerque

I haven't researched Canada and Mexico yet.

So you see, I need a large map to fit all these cities on :)

I've researched the most populous cities in the U.S. to get these cities, and am keeping track of all the research in the attached spreadsheet.

If you look at the attached spreadsheet, you will see a ton of raw data I am gathering. Sheet 5 is the most relevant:
- States with the white background will be individual state-nations
- States with the yellow background are part of LUSA
- Cities with a green background are both the capitol and largest city in the state. It means nothing now, was going to at one point
- Cities in the Capitol Column, are state capitols and will be accurately placed on the map to start with.
- Cities with the red footnote in the corner have a current population over 1 million. These will start off on the map, properly placed, with a pop count of the number in the footnote.
- all other cities listed are just the next in line for the city build list queue. I haven't completed this yet.
- The Demonym Column has the name of that civilizations citizens.
- All of this data I gathered from either Wikipedia or the U.S. Census Bureau.

Point being, got the map?

***An updated file (finished for this scenario) can be found here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=8779452#post8779452 - Look for the NCW_Civs tab
I'll take that as a no... I guess I'll use Cantankerous's: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showth...&highlight=USA for now, until I have time to make a 256x256 myself.

If anyone cares, I think I've opted to remove Canada and Mexico from the scenario and add in Connecticut and Iowa instead...

..and if anyone reads this and has that map let me know please :)
A bit crowded in the North East - definitely need a bigger map than the current 160x130.


  • NCW - Starting City Placement.png
    NCW - Starting City Placement.png
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The map is done, as well as the civ basics...


  • NCW - Starting City Placement - BIQ.png
    NCW - Starting City Placement - BIQ.png
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