Any info yet on the updated version for Steam release?


Just one more turn...
Apr 12, 2009
Eagle, Idaho
So this June (or July, I don't think anyone knows for sure) we'll have Old World on steam. And it will have an expansion pack of some kind.

Anyone heard anything about what's involved here? More Civ's? Artwork or music update? Scenarios?

Any news, interviews, anything like that out there?
I think the confirmed info is a new nation and a new scenario. Dale leaked the new civ as Australia (jokingly of course), but otherwise not much information.
Yeah nah Australia definitely isn't it. That was just me having some fun with you guys. :D

We aren't in a position yet to confirm anything around the Steam/GoG release yet. I'm sure you can appreciate we're still hard at work on getting everything ready. :)
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