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Any Supremacy victory build orders?

Discussion in 'CivBE - Strategy & Tips' started by hiimdm, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. hiimdm

    hiimdm Chieftain

    Jul 14, 2013
    I see that the techs for Supremacy are deep in the trees and are expensive, it seems a lot slower than the other two. Does anyone have a guide for what to do in the first 100-150 turns to try and get a Supremacy victory? Also what Sponsor to pick and the other things that go along with it.
  2. Mysticforce

    Mysticforce Chieftain

    Oct 30, 2014
    Artist works well for all Affinities.

    Keep in mind that quests remain the fastest way to gain Affinity points regardless of which Affinity you choose, so if you beeline for quest completion your Affinity will go up extremely fast compared to pure research.
  3. Karl0413

    Karl0413 Prince

    Apr 24, 2014
    I am going for a Supremacy Victory right now on a Taigan world:

    Starting choices:

    * Franco-Iberia: Really, if you need to grab techs before other factions this is the one for you. Alternatively, you could go Slavic Federation; not quite as good a tech bonus as FI but nothing to be sneezed at.
    * Artists: +2 culture a city and +1 health. Pretty much double down on FI's main strength. Alternatively, scientists also work though you don't get the health bonus.
    * Tectonic Scanner: So I can scope out secondary city locations quicker. Retrograde Thrusters is good choice also since it can get you a better starting location.
    * Worker: This one gets that snowball rolling faster.

    Initial Techs:

    * Chemistry is a good initial tech since it grants you the Recycler (production) and the Lab (more science) along with granting you access to oil.
    * Pioneering should be second tech researched.
    * Third tech should be Engineering or Planetary Survey depending on the type of map (if a heavy water map grab PS first, then Engineering).
    * Research Genetics.
    * Research Ecology and Geophysics. If you see any geothermal deposits nearby research Power Systems which should get you your first affinity level (barring quests).
    * Research Computing and Autonomous Systems. If you want try and build the Master Control wonder once you research AS, it makes your workers more effective.
    * Grab Physics next. Then head to Cognition and Collaborative Thought. Try and build the Precog Project if you can, it is quite good; helps especially when you are trying to defend your Empire while feeding units into the gate. You might want to use your free tech bonus to grab one of these.
    * Next head to Robotics and grab Tactical Robotics also for your first Affinity Unique Unit along with being able to mine Firaxite and, of course, air power.
    * Next grab Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Thought. Try and build the Cynosure.
    * Since you need to launch a Lasercom Satellite for the Victory Quest I recommend grabbing Communications and Orbital Networks right now. Try and build the Memetnetwork if you can.
    * Then grab Terraforming and Climate Control.
    * Now grab Biochemistry and Ballistics.
    * Research Fabrication, followed by Cybernetics and Autogyros.
    * Next go for Organics, BioEngineering and BioMetallurgy.
    * Now Hypercomputing followed by Neural Uploading.


    * Grab first five of Prosperity first in this order: Frugality, Homesteading, Colony Initiative, Workforce Initiative, Helping Hands.
    * Next grab the first five Industry in this order: Labor Logistics, Central Planning, Standardized Architecture, Commodization, Scalable Infrastructure.
    * Head back to Prosperity and grab Pioneer Spirit, Gift Economy, Mind Over Matter, Nature's Bounty, Joy from Variety, Hands Never Idle and Eudamonia.
    * Now work your way down Knowledge grabbing Foresight, Social Mores, Creative Class, Laboratory Apprenticeship, Cohesive Values, Networked Datalinks, Memeweb.

    Build Orders:

    * Capitol Phase One: Old Earth Relic, Explorer, Clinic, Soldier, Worker, Soldier.
    * Capitol Phase Two: Trade Depot, Trade Convoy/Vessel, Trade Convoy/Vessel, Colonist, Colonist, Worker
    * Capitol Phase Three: Recycler, Lab, Thorium Reactor, Ranger, Ultrasonic Fence, CytoNursery.
    * Subsequent cities initial build orders: Old Earth Relic, Clinic, Trade Depot, Recycler, Lab, CytoNursery.

    That should get you started.
  4. TLHeart

    TLHeart King

    Oct 15, 2005
    fast domination win, pick Brasilia, for the +10% combat strength, get first colonist, forward settle on your neighbor, build 3 or 4 gunners, two marines.... and start killing...reach level 4 in affinity, and bring in the unique unit, CNDR for supremacy... 3 of them alone can take cities below 30 defense.
  5. Xenotitan

    Xenotitan Prince

    Oct 30, 2014
    He's asking for a build order for a supremacy victory, not a domination victory.
  6. omniclast

    omniclast Prince

    Aug 27, 2014
    The main challenge with early game supremacy seems to be there's no strong benefit to power systems, the first affinity tech (how often does a city have more than one quarry resource?). The purity tech (w gene vault) and harmony (for worker miasma immunity) I often get regardless of main affinity. Power systems though is a much lower priority, so I sometimes end up behind in affinity and the AIs get gunners/armor/affinity T1 before I do, never great a position.

    Beelining to Robotics can be a good strat for the autoplant TRs and extra science from firaxite mines (which helps get science up to catch up in affinity). Cognition also a good early pickup.

    Also build fewer explorers since you'll have extra excavations.

    Supremacy overall seems to be a slow starter that really shines in the mid to late game. Weather controllers and orbital fabricators are excellent; feedsite hubs are incredible; free magrails are awesome; and holosuites, observatories and neurolabs make firaxite real useful tiles (though it's still no xenomass). Late game free rebase on aircraft is just absurdly awesome.

    Edit: Large firaxite deposits seem to primarily spawn in tundra, ie north and south latitudes. If you know you're going supremacy, it's good to focus a couple of explorers on the top/bottom of the map to find some 7-10 sources.
  7. Xenotitan

    Xenotitan Prince

    Oct 30, 2014
    Weather controllers and orbital fabricators would be a lot better if they didn't take 2 petroleum each. Every time I go supremacy I never seem to have any oil.

    TALENZ Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2015
    A quick question. I am wondering how folks manage energy. Shortly after I hit five or six cities, my energy goes negative and I'm left to steal it through spying. I know with quick expansion, health goes down the toilet, but I must be missing something in my build order.
  9. Mutineer

    Mutineer Deity

    Feb 20, 2006
    Rivers, roads, external routes fron new cities will cover your problem
  10. tedeviatings

    tedeviatings Warlord

    Jan 16, 2015
    You can always get some generators running.
  11. Ryika

    Ryika Lazy Wannabe Artista

    Aug 30, 2013
    Also skip unnecessary buildings like defensive structures in non-border-cities, ultrasonic fences in non-alien-areas, Orbital Coverage, Unit Production, Specialist-only-buildings, etc. - you can even delete those that you require to trigger a building quest after you've completed the quest.
  12. RedRover57

    RedRover57 Emperor

    Nov 1, 2010
    I've become a big fan of the Industry virtue that gives you extra energy for trade routes with stations. It's a huge early boost. You can get 17-19 energy/turn from a single station trade route, plus other bonuses (e.g., 10 culture or science, food, production, etc.). Use those with internal routes to develop your cities faster. Get science from academy spam or science specialist slots (more reason to grow cities). Better than external routes with AI, easier to protect, and your cities will be stronger and more productive in the long run.
  13. feniks

    feniks Chieftain

    Nov 25, 2011
    Thanks a ton for this post! :goodjob:

    Until recently I won only as Harmony (that was easy), but I was struggling in past with Supremacy on Sputnik difficulty, because I had no well understanding of Virtues (was going for Might mostly, dumb me) and order of Technologies to get things going fast. I played as Franco-Iberia, but made it unnecessarily harder by choosing Scientist crew and Soldier unit (instead of Artists and Worker)...

    Anyways, was able to complete the game on Vostok difficulty finally (that's something for me lol) and that was on Average world (larger than standard map) where Firaxite was pretty scarce and I didn't have it at all until mid-game.

    However Health management is a pain, for most of mid-game I was between -10 and -15 Health ... got that fixed later thanks to Virtues, but it's still hard, especially after conquering/colonizing another city or two... :mad:

    Here is a question, is there any reason why my cities even with 20 population produced only max 6 Health and no more? That is with Clinics, CytoNursery and Pharmlab (or whatever the name of third building is), I find it weird. I saw other player (Brasilia going for Domination in my game, Purity I think) who clearly had 12 Health per city... Once I taken one of is cities it stayed at 12 health, so was it some building giving that boost? Which one?

    Also one more note ... I never got the free mag-rail at all and it cost me a bomb at some point until I realized where my energy was going ...

    Thanks and happy conquering! :king:

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