Anyone know a good E-Mail Address? is decent. They used to give free pop3 access but now they've made that a pay service and free email is limited to web-based access.
Oh no! What to do with all these!

Well, that's three new E-Mails, because Dannyevilcat's suggestion didn't read my password...

Oh wait! 4, if Scorch's ****Microsoft one is there :D

By the way, Corn, do you run that buisness or something???
Originally posted by Suppersalmon

Umm, by using another server, there's actually a chance of getting a good name...:rolleyes:

Try, that is where I have mine :goodjob:
Yeah but I don't use it. I only use it to email people I want to shock and amaze.
Originally posted by Black Fluffy Lion
by putting it in his location...:rolleyes:


Originally posted by Sixchan
I think I'll try that!

Edit: It works! Great Idea ren! :goodjob: :D

No Wucken Forries! ;)

That's the 3rd follower I have now:

ren, of course
Edit 2: Redwarfian has joined the ranks
Edit 1: Back on topic, which email address did you choose, Ohwell?
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