Anyone know some good webspace to post my 15mb mod?

Nov 27, 2001
Denver CO, United States of America
I have a 15mb mod, but I have no where to post it. I can't post it here because the .bic file alone is over the 500kb limit. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can post it?
wow, umm i cant think of any free websites that you could get. I suggest splitting it into 2 parts and posting on 2 different websites. Geocities allows 15mb max. not sure about Angelfire....
Don't try Angelfure. They will ban you after first download. I keep my 10mb mod on geocities. The limit is 1Gb bandwidth/month(?) after that they put site offline, but after couple of days restore back. You can try 2 geocities sites, but link should be from the site, not from forum (they banned me for it)
You could get a really crappy free site and then get an IDRIVE account or something like that. Those allow to store lots of stuff and are free. Just create a link to the IDRIVE storage place (or other online HD storage) from your cheapo site.
Well crap, I posted it on Angelfire. I'll see how that goes and once it goes offline (if it does, cross your fingers ;)) i'll repost elsewhere. Thanks for the help and info.
This site offers 500 mb of space. I,m not sure of their bandwidth limit though. And they do have a couple popunders.

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