[Civ2] Anyone remember Civ2 modder Sporeboy? Creator of the Warhammer Fenris scenario


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Sep 24, 2016
Heh I just had another one of those funny moments that sometimes happen during my preservation work where I find Civ2 modders from over 20 years ago either by tracking them down through old sites or just totally randomly bumping into them and recognizing their name or work lol.

Well this time it's Sporeboy! Someone was posting about Civ2 in a retro gaming fb group I follow and I saw a guy posting about his Fenris scenario. I thought "Fenris??? I just rescued a Warhammer Fenris scenario!"


As you can see it was indeed him and he created its impressive selection of custom 3D drawn units himself.. kinda funny that Games Workshop sent him a cease and desist for a little Civ2 scenario lol! However it appears they offered him a job haha as he's not kidding when he says went went on to make some good games. Look at these companies, not to mention the HOF entry.


Some of you probably saw my story about finding Civ2 modder John Mavin a while back and discovering that he was an accomplished author with a whole fan base. Well it looks like we've got another celebrity artist with Derrick haha. Makes you wonder just how many of the Civ2 modders from 25 years ago went on to do big things in life hey! Derrick Moore's name is all over the place as he worked on some big games in some big franchises like Halo, Mechwarrior, Warhammer, Spec Ops etc..


And to think it all started with this... well and a good education... as that sometimes helps too. :lol:

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