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Nov 6, 2001
Washington DC
I was able to extract the bmps of the Elephant Rider from AoE. Sombody can put these together to make a usable unit Flic. Here is the AoE Elephant Rider.

This is not currently a workable unit!!!


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here is a single bmp from the zip


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Hmm... Mahabharata mod.
Originally posted by Kal-el
Is anyone working on this unit? Kryten? anyone? this is a great unit for any ancient era mods.;)

Ah....time my friend....time....

As you know, I'm already up to my neck with Exsanguination's Macedonian Phalanx, AND the Hypaspist, AND the Thracian Peltast, AND the Companion Cavalry....
It has taken me a fortnight just to change the Horse Archer attack .flc ! So I won't be free for at least a couple of months, maybe more. Sorry. :(

Can anyone else out there give Kal-el some help with this project?

A fortnight, huh.:D Haven't heard that word in regular usage for quite some time.

I know your busy, I just like to prod a little. I love your work, which is why I keep pestering you.


But anybody, please. I am shooting for a beta test version of my mod by the end of the week. Not that the animations are necessary for the game but, and I think you wqould all agree, that it does make the game more enjoyable to have unique animations for each of the units.
ok, i got the files, and got em sorted out. I should have a workable set of animations sometime this/next week
I need a palette editor if anyone has one. Also, the first row in the palette is suppose to control civ color right?

Anyway, this is what i have so far. If i change the color from anything other than default, the whole image changes color. I will work on this once I get a decent palette editor (right now i would have to move each color by writing down their HEX equivalent.)


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ok I am doing the moving animation and all the directions have 8 frames, except when it is facing south there is only five.

How do you suggest i cope with this?
i suppose i could try that. The unit will look a little weird when running south.

I hope the death and attack animations aren't the same . . .
ok, take your time. My friends are coming over this weekend and we are gonna do alot of LAN games, so I may not have too much time for copy/pasting and flc creation

Don't know if it will help you with the palette thing but...I saw this on Apolyton and it reminded of this conversation.

jimmyh made mention in a diff thread that the palette changer would be useful in pulling units from other games and putting in Civ III flcs.

Hope it helps.
OK I have fixed the palette problem thing, now all I need is the extra south animations (if there are any)

The files I need are:



I am glad you were able to fix the palette issue. did using the warelephant as the base help, or was it something else.

so glad you told me exactly which files were missing. there are 715 image files that I would have to decompress and look through and they are labeled by number so starting from the beginning it could have taken quite a long time.

here are the three files you are missing. I thought you said you were missing 8?
Thanks for the files

The animations (for each direction) are 8 frames large. I only had 5 facing south, so I only needed these three.

The war elephant trick did work, but at the expense of clearness of the image. It is somewhat noticable. I will post before and after screenshots to show you what I mean in a later post (gotta make them first)
Ok, here is a comparison as to what the unit looked like before and after I used your palette technique Kal-el:

EDIT: I guess you cant see it too well, but there are spots on the elephants "blanket" thing that are brighter and greener than the rest.


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