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[AOE] Suggestion to partially brings city defence mechanic from CIV V to AOE.

Discussion in 'Rise from Erebus Modmod' started by Joey Diamond, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Joey Diamond

    Joey Diamond Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2016
    ...Simply by having cities spawn a fort commander (or the civ's UU) with a new or modified 'influence' promotion. specifically, remove the -2 gold upkeep per turn and the expand unit's owner territory to the tile ability from the promotion. (as these two already overlapped with the city itself)

    Voila! Now the city could do a ranged attack and stop that one pesky Muris clan chariot from rolling in and burn an entire city of 8,000 population to the ground in one turn.[pissed]

    The city bombardment and city HP was one of a few things i really like in CIV V. Not only it's logical, it prevents braindead rush tactic, it also greatly helped the AI which understandably, inferior to human's mind. While we cannot port the city HP system back to CIV IV, the FFH fort commander system was a really good stand-in for CIV V city defence mechanic and it would be a waste not to use it more.

    Ok maybe this should be a module because it'll probably change some early game strategy or even unbalanced the game. (which i admit i don't have much idea of)

    Actually i have alot of idea to enhance this even further. However i understand and respect that you have an entire AOE to work with and will not going to keep reading my Sh*t all days and i don't want to be that guy with a head full of idea but doesn't do anything but ranting and demanding other to do the works for him. So i will just going to ask, where can i learn how to mod CIV IV from zero? Even just point me to a guide that'll help me create an entirely new warrior unit and put it in the game for specific civ. That's for the start.:yup:
  2. black_imperator

    black_imperator Chieftain

    Dec 4, 2005

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