Apolyton CTP2 Edition: Revision 1055 (20-Feb-2010)


Nov 30, 2001
Forssa, Finland
Apolyton CTP2 Edition: Revision 1055 (20-Feb-2010) has been released!

Martin Gühmann
February 20, 2010, 02:35

The Apolyton CTP2 Source Code team proudly presents the Apolyton CTP2 Edition Revision 1055 from February the 20th 2010.

This time we have a a lot of crash fixes, AI improvements, game graphics improvements, and a new minimap relation view.

The game, for instance, does not crash when you try to load a saved build queue for a city without any items in the build queue.

The AI now calculates its city production, food, gold, and happiness ranks correctly. This way it does not use the same build list in all its cities. It can now more different things across its empire.

The graphics are now double buffered. This means you do not see anymore how the stuff on the screen is drawn bit by bit, but is now drawn in one piece. Additional, a bug that causes from time to time a short blackening of the screen. This removes strain from your eyes and you can play longer.

The minimap got a new view relations options. With this you can see on a glance who is your enemy and who is your friend. They are displayed in different colors. Blue is for you and your allies, green is for those you are at piece with, yellow is for the neutrals, white for those you do not know, and red is for those you are at war with.

The Apolyton Edition can be directly installed over CTP2 v1.0, v1.1, or v1.11.

If you found a bug please report here as much relevant information as possible. This includes how to reproduce the problem, an attached screenshot or savegame may be helpful. If the game crashes (terminates without user intention) then include a crash log. You can enable crash logging by editing your userprofile.txt (in [Your CTP2 directory]\ctp2_program\ctp\) to set EnableLogs=Yes. The log can then be found at [Your CTP2 directory]\ctp2_program\ctp\logs\crash.txt. Please do not attach the crash.txt to a post, instead include the content of that file in your post.

For further changes check out the change log in the readme.

If you cannot forget the past here is the previous thread.

2010-20-02 (Revision 1055)
Fixed:    The AI does not check its city limit, if city limit is disabled.
Changed:  The new game rules screen has been cleaned up and enhanced with
          discriptions of what the single rules are good for.
Fixed:    Possible crashes due to missing city styles have been fixed.
Fixed:    City turns to growth and production display now updates on begin
          turn and on city growth.
Fixed:    For modders, an advance can only have four EitherPrerequisites and
          Prerequisites combined (this is a limitation of the Great Library)
Changed:  EitherPrerequisite advances are shown in blue in the Great Library.
Changed:  For modders, combining EitherPrerequisites and Prerequisites in the
          same advance.
Fixed:    The AI now rolls over enemy units, if it is at war with them and the
          army is strong enough. This way the clears the way to an enemy cities
          and solves a problem it has with ZOCs.
Fixed:    If a units gains a health bonus the health bar does not overflow
Fixed:    If a unit gained a health bonus from a wonder and the wonder is lost
          the unit's health is reduced to the health without wonder.
Fixed:    If the AI needs for a goal a transporter it takes the transporter
          army pair that are closest to each other, this way the AI sticks to its
          decision and does not change transporters and armies for a goal all the
Fixed:    If a goody hut gives an advance then EitherPrerequisite and Prerequisite
          are now checked whether a player can have an advance.
Fixed:    Bombard range now uses all ranged boni used in normal combat and
          not just the veteran boni.
Fixed:    The AI now builds every turn tile improvements and roads.
Improved: The AI consider roads along paths that it had layed down in the same
Changed:  The AI prefers to build gold tile improvemts if it does not need to
          build food or production tile improvements.
Changed:  The AI builds in small cities tile improvements firs.
Changed:  The AI rush buys items in cities without garrison first, then it
          rush buys items in small cities.
Added:    The Ai now has build lists for small cities and cities near the 
          maximum size, so that it can build the right buildings there.
Fixed:    If map auto center is off the map does not center anymore when
          something is pillaged.
Fixed:    The game does not crash id you load a build queue into a city build
          queue that has been previously empty.
Fixed:    Cities that prevents slavery will only reduce slave raid change by
          the given percentage instead of stopping it entirely.
Changed:  Increased settle values for dessert and swamp so that the AI will
          eventually also will these areas, so less space for humans.
Fixed:    Tiles with tunnels do not use the move costs of deep sea for ships,
          instead they use the move costs of their terrain.
Fixed:    The AI calculates the goal priorities correctly, even if they are in
          diferent order in startegies.txt and goals.txt.
Fixed:    The AI stops building settlers if there is no space left.
Fixed:    The AI uses surpless settlers to increase the size of small cities.
Fixed:    The AI builds land settlers and sea settlers at the same time.
Fixed:    The game does not hang if it tries to optimize the sliders for a
          civilization that will starve when the happiness requirements have
          been met.
Fixed:    The AI does not build ships in that do not have acceass to an ocean
          but only access to a puddle.
Fixed:    The AI conqueres empty cities with armies containing settlers.
Fixed:    The AI builds pollution reduction buildings in dirty cities.
Fixed:    The AI does not try to refuel units in cities that are full.
Fixed:    The ranking graph does not crash if the civilisations dead or alive
          is bigger 32.
Added:    The ranking tab now has a wonder line graph.
Fixed:    The AI builds slavers, or abolitionists, spies, and other special
          units at the same time.
Changed:  Cyper Ninjas have a higher elite change when they investigate a city.
Fixed:    Spies steal advances from cities of civilization that have advances
          to steal.
Fixed:    The AI builds happy buildings in unhappy cities.
Changed:  The AI builds wonders in high production cities.
Fixed:    The AI calculates its city ranks correctly, so that it does not
          almost all its cities to the wonder building list.
Added:    Added for each AI personality an island strategy, that will use an
          island specific advance list.
Restored: The Penecilin wonder now does what it did in the original game.
Changed:  The graphics are now drawn on a back buffer this removes drawing
          artifacts and saves your eyes.
Added:    The minimap has a button to show you the players' capitals.
Added:    The minimap has a button to show your relations with other
          civilisations. Blue is for you and your allies, green is for those
          you are at piece with, yellow is for the neutrals, white for those
          you do not know, and red is for those you are at war with.
Fixed:    Fixed a problem with AI transporter handling, that also may lead to
          a crash.
Fixed:    Fixed a problem when fort vision is removed because the tile under it
          had died.
Fixed:    The drawing system does not try to use an invalid memory pointer,
          this led to flicker artifacts at best and crashed at worst.
Fixed:    If a mod does not specify a tile improvement sound than the game
          handles it properly.
Fixed:    The AI does not try to use boats that cannot reach the target continent.
Fixed:    The game does not crash if a unit with a flag from a dead civilisation
          should be drawn. (Units of dead civilizations are not removed when 
          a civilization dies but later)
Fixed:    The mouse scroll wheel now works in all list boxes.
Fixed:    The new minimap buttons also show up in the French, German, Italian,
          Japanese, and Spanish version.
Fixed:    If you receive a map then all tiles that the giver sees or own are
Fixed:    The AI does not use transporters carrying units that cannot be used
          for the goal that needs transport.
Changed:  Player vision handling, the human player uses the vision of his/her
          player directly instead of a copy, this saves memory.
Changed:  Lowered the AI priority for investigate city goals. There ar more
          worthy goals out there.
Fixed:    When the game is closed, the memory is cleaned up like in the debug.
          This fixes a potential crash when leaving the game.
Added:    New database flags for modders:
- DifficultyDB:
   TechCostKnownDeduction 0.0 - 1.0
         Deducts a percentage of an advance's cost based on % of total
         civs in the game that you know that already have the advance.
- UnitDB:
   RangedDefendCityBonus     Unit gets a ranged bonus in city defence.
   RangedAttackCityBonus     Unit gets a ranged bonus in city attack.
   IsSurfaceShip             Unit is a ship on the water surface.
   DefendSurfaceShipBonus    Unit gets a defence bonus for being a surface ship.
   AttackSurfaceShipBonus    Unit gets an attack bonus for being a surface ship.
   RangedSurfaceShipBonus    Unit gets a ranged for being a surface ship.
   AlwaysHeal                Units heals always even if it had been moved.
- GoalDB
   SlaveryProtectionBonus    Goal gets a bonus if it is protected against slavery.
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