Apolyton CTP2 Edition: Revision 1097 (07-Jun-2010)


Nov 30, 2001
Forssa, Finland
Apolyton CTP2 Edition: Revision 1097 (07-Jun-2010) has been released!

Apolyton CTP2 Edition: Revision 1097 (07-Jun-2010)
The Apolyton CTP2 Source Code team proudly presents the Apolyton CTP2 Edition Revision 1097 from June the 7th 2010.

This time we have support for the Chinese version of the game, a fix for a bug that made the game crash when it was supposed to play wonder movies, and more AI improvements.

Thanks to Apolyton forum user Blackjack83, we now have all the Chinese text files of the game, however so far we only added the new Apolyton Edition text strings in English. Therefore if you are Chinese and want to play the game completely in Chinese we need your help to translate the missing strings into Chinese.

The game does not crash anymore, when it is supposed to play a wonder video, there is no more need to disable wonder videos to play the game.

Finally as usual, we have more improvements of the complex artificial intelligence (AI). The AI now focus more in conquest on its weakest enemy and its smaller opponents. The AI also uses transporters if it cannot reach a target location that is on the same continent as the army it wants to use. And it focuses more on cities that are land connected and adjacent to the borders of its empire.

The Apolyton Edition can be directly installed over CTP2 v1.0, v1.1, or v1.11.

Since God old games (gog.com) has released Call to Power 2 as online download as official version without the CD check, the Apolyton Edition does not require the CD anymore, either.

If you found a bug please report here as much relevant information as possible. This includes how to reproduce the problem, an attached screenshot or savegame may be helpful. If the game crashes (terminates without user intention) then include a crash log. You can enable crash logging by editing your userprofile.txt (in [Your CTP2 directory]\ctp2_program\ctp\) to set EnableLogs=Yes. The log can then be found at [Your CTP2 directory]\ctp2_program\ctp\logs\crash.txt. Please do not attach the crash.txt to a post, instead include the content of that file in your post.

For further changes check out the change log in the readme.

If you cannot forget the past here is the previous thread.

2010-07-06 (Revision 1097)
Fixed:    The AI handles incursion permission correctly even directly after a
Fixed:    The AI now ranks correctly its opponents by their strength.
Changed:  If the visible player is a robot, then the displayed unit path is
          those for robots, this is useful for AI testing.
Added:    The inteligence window now shows opponent as very strong.
Added:    The AI avoids danger on the way of its units.
Fixed:    Games with a dead player in can be loaded again.
Fixed:    The scenario editor generates goods even if no new game was created
          during the active session.
Fixed:    A memory leak in the AI code does not eat all the memory in the
          system anymore, so that the game does not crash, because there is 
          no memory left.
Fixed:    The wonder movies play again, without crashing the game.
Changed:  The AI now conquers cities according to a global plan instead of
          picking those first that are closest to most of its units.
Fixed:    Upgraded units get room for cargo if the original unit had no cargo
          and the upgraded unit should be able to carry cargo.
Added:    Added Chinese text files.
Fixed:    The AI uses transporters even if a target is on the same continet
          but cannot reached, because for instance the way is blocked.
Fixed:    The AI conqueres cities if it has a big stack adjacent to that city
          representing 2/3 of the needed power. This is no problem since the
          needed power is calculated with some buffer.
Changed:  The AI gives for conquest higher priority to cities that have a land
          connection to the existing AI empire.
Changed:  The AI gives for conquest higher priority to cities of empires with
          less than three cities.
Fixed:    The minimap shows the diplomatic relationships correctly even if you
          recenter the minimeap.
Changed:  The AI prioritizes for conquest cities of its weakest enemy.
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