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April 2021 Developer Livestream Discussion

Laurana Kanan

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Apr 10, 2014
Near the Greatest Snow on Earth
As I'm a little new here - what's the best way to watch these? Is the most lively debate on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook?
I always watch on Twitch in Theater Mode. I also have another window open with the Youtube stream since it can be paused whereas Twitch can't.
What time will the update be available for download?
Not until tomorrow 12pm EST.
Last Community Update of this year... :mischief: I still don't know what to expect. :p
"Final community update for this YEAR"
Even more confusion, great.
So they said "Final game update for this year" Not sure what they mean by 'year'.

Also they introduced a new designer 'for Civilization', not 'for Civilization 6'.

(edit) heh that's a lot of people picking up on three innocuous words
Mayan farms now provide +1 Production for every adjacent Observatory.

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Mayans, Scythia, Kublai/China, Gorgo/Greece, Gilgabro, Amanitore confirmed as updates.
Maya bonuses now:
Spoiler :
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