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Are Civil Engineers bugged ?


Apr 4, 2002
Limbo, suburb of Hell
...Or am I just a dummy?

On my C3C English version (sorry, no I don't have the patch number handy: I'm at, ahum..., at work just right now...), whenever I switch a laborer to civil engineer, I do NOT get the 2 uncorrupted shield bonus displayed in the city production, even when I'm building a city improvement.

Does it work or is it not shown? Why scientists or tax collectors output is displayed then? Am I mistaken about what a civil engineer do (i.e. for me: add 2 uncorrupted shield towards improvement building only)?

Is this a bug or a feature? And if this is a bug? Is it fixed in the V1.13 and V1.15 I'm sure I haven't downloaded yet?

As the searh function is out and the civilopedia is mute about what the civil engineer do, is there someone to answer my questions?


CE's don't work for units. And I think if you try to trick it, you lose the shields generated by the CE. Someone here very recently was testing this. Sorry, don't remember who.
It works, but isn't shown on the total shield production. I'm not sure if it is a bug or a designers choice.
Found it.

Originally posted by Grille http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?postid=1508305#post1508305
To show you, here's a couple of shots:
1) turn1, CE hired, temple ordered; 20 turns to completion, 3 spt in total:
2) turn2, 3 shields accumulated in production box, 19 turns left to complete temple:
3) still turn2, switched prod to artillery, box reduced to one shield (CE shields removed). If anything, there's some discrepancy about the turns to completion towards artillery (line above prod box says rightfully 79 turns, item list shows 77 turns). CE icon now doesn't show the 2 shields anymore:
4) still turn2, after switching to arty, I switched back to temple production. Arty cost is now updated. Note that while both happened in the same turn, I left the city screen between shot 3) and shot 4) and I got the formerly contributed CE shields back:):
5) turn3, (as you can see under the city name in the center of that pic) after having finally switched to arty again in turn2, I switched back to temple. One round of engineer work was lost (CE was hired all the time), of course, but I got the CE shields back from his work in turn2:):

So as far as I can tell, there's no abuse possible.
As side-effect, CE would not "secretly" pile up shields for improvement/wonder builds in case he was hired while a city produced a bunch of units. Such shields would be lost.

(Now that I'm done with it, I curse myself to not have tried to rush the arty and look if I'd get 2 shields towards temple as next project...:rolleyes: )
If this really has been a designer's choice than I am absolutely unsatisfied with it.
First, the missing display of shields is just... ahem... well, exactly what you think I was going to write.
Second, with those shields being made available only for improvements/wonders there is an additional feature in the game which might very well be forgotten to remember and will cause some confusion at the player's side.
The really should revise this concept.
:p Thank you for provided explanations and threads, I'll try this assoon as I'm home.:thanx:

Have a nice civing.
i was having the same problem and had just assumed the CEs were buggy, thanks.

it would really make more sense if the 2 shields were displayed in the shield box.
Civil engineers are not bugged, just lazy.

But then again a civil engineer doesn't build weapons, but buildings, roads, canals and dykes!!! They are the peace loving sort.
The emphasis here is CIVIL engineer ie only buildings.
Let's consider this with an existing condition.

For all of you that dislike it, consider this. When you chop some trees, disband a unit, of partial rush a bldg or unit, your not allowed to switch to a wonder. With CE's, you are allowed to switch to units, you just don't get to keep all the shields. I DEFINANTELY prefer this. So what would you like them to do with the CE shields? I wouldn't mind Firaxis just painting the shields a different color.

I am a card totting member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, so I can especially appreciate the CE's can only build infastructure. The term engineer originated as being a person that builds seige engines. The term Civil Engineer was created to describe engineers that didn't work in the area of war. Obviously it isn't as broad of a term nowadays.

Edit: fixed some confusing grammer
@Michael York:

Ok, but then I would like your idea of different colour for the CE-shields. I really think it will be confusing that you just don't see them in the shields list but have to keep in memory, that you are making use of a CE.
Especially, since the CE appears later in the game when you are managing quite a lot of t/c/m's.
Since those shields are handled differently (internally) anyway, this shouldn't be too much to implement.
Commander, I actually was going to argue against any changes (thinking radical changes), but the idea of coloring them popped into my head (while reading over your arguements). I made drop it of in a suggestion thread. Depending on the coding, it could be a very easy fix.
Colouring sounds a good idea. Just something to make it easier to keep track of the shields would work wonders.
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