Are elites really Elite


Feb 15, 2002
This is a simple idea that creates quite a sudden change in game dynamics. I think elite units should get 6 health points instead of 5. So the order is 2 3 4 6 because elites should be just that Elite on the battlefield. Why? because they are proven in battle sometimes several times and can become a leader which implies a great general in charge to start with. What this does is change battlefield tactics to greatly reward smart battles and allows one unit to dominate an area esp in the early game. lo if the computer gets this unit it can cause big problems.I use this mod all the time and it never crashes the ai uses it and its very easy to do in the game editor.:enlighten oh and by the way an army of these new elites well we wont even mention that one. Try it and let me know if it enhances gameplay.
I do that with the addition of conscripts having 1 hit point. It makes them basically worthless unless they are strong.
I dont like 1 point coscript, because it would be invulnerable to artillery. My hit points chain is: 2-4-6-8
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