Are ICBM,plant spy and non-visible improvements in 1.16f fixed in 1.17f?


Jan 18, 2002
Been out for break, I have had 3 problems with 1.16. I am thinking of applying 1.17 soon.

The three problems I had:
1- no ICBM on build list, even though strategic resources were listed with city and tech was completed.
2- could not activate plant spy option even though had intelligence agency {could be user error, couldn't find any way to do it}
3- road and other improvements bombarded are fixed by AI but not viewable by me until bombard same or adjacent tile.

Does anyone know if these problems still exist in 1.17f?
1) I have not had any problem building ICBM's. There is a lengthy list of requirements, perhaps you are missing one. They are:
- Uranium and Aluminum strategic resources.
- Completed research of Satellites.
- At least one civilization must have completed The Manhattan Project wonder.

2) There are some tips on planting spies in the following thread:

3) To see the results of your dirty work, you must be within view of the target tile. Blind bombing will only display a messages saying what you did or didn't do and give you a glimpse of the tile you bombed. Aside from moving a unit within sight of the target tile, you can use the recon mission to view your bombing area. This mission is available for fighters and stealth fighters.
Ok, item 2 may have been user error. Not sure about right click but did not think of clicking on the pentagon.

About ICBM, I had
-- all techs
-- Uranium and Al listed in strategic resources
-- completed Manhatten Project

is there a place in the rules where I could have accidently turned off the display of ICBM after all the above requirements are met?

About AI clean up efforts, thanks for the hint about recon missions. I will test to see if that solves the problem.
Ok, second game with 1.16 and no icbm. Not a fluke, now guess is hard coded in 1.16. Changed preferences in editor so ICBM not available to all. I got Manhattan so it was not AI beating me to tech. Must be hard coded to turn off if not available to all civs. Will install patch for 1.17 this week and will let you know later the results.
Why no ICBM's? Carefully reading the help in the editor for 1.17, when deselect All civs have nukes, you turn them off not just for other civs but also for the civ that builds Manhattan Project.

RFE- make Manhattan small wonder and nukes only available to those who build, steal wonder.
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