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Are you friendly or a jerk to non-idiotic strangers?

I'm usually...

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staring at the clock
Jan 21, 2007
where mise
When a stranger says something to you in a public place (eg elevator, in line at a store), are you generally warm or cool towards them? Do you take it as a friendly comment, or just an annoyance? Assume that whatever they say is not a completely idiotic, but something one of your friends might say. The only wildcard is that you don't know the commenter.
I'm nice to everyone I don't know. :D I'm a nice helpful upstanding citizen :D
If it's someone who is just sparking conversation, I'd feel a little awkward. But if someone was saying something important, (asking the time or for change or something) I'm usually very nice.

But urinal conversations, NEVER!
Pretty stark choice in the poll.

Just because I don't want to be all emo with some random imbecile, that makes me a jerk?

I don't think so. I'd like to see a non-teenager version of this poll.

Hard to tell. I've never seen non-idiotic strangers.
Warm, no matter how hard I'll try to be cold! Even if there's this smelly jerk, I'll be warm.
I'm pretty friendly. I do such though only because I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
I'm usually always friendly to strangers. They provide the candy, I provide the warm, compassionate friendliness.
I'm very friendly but if I'm in a bad mood I have no time for the lowly trash who dare interrupt my deep brooding thoughts.
im prety cold all around, I usualy won't even aknowledge a stranger if they try to communicate with me, but usualy it is just a bum aking for some change or some other bull that isn't even woth the effort of me waving.

Now that i think about it that is my favorite thing about America most people are very good at respecting personel space.
im what ever you want me to be ;)
I'll be warm
I'm polite but I find it rude or strange when a stranger makes a comment towards me. I prefer not to converse with strangers however on some occassions if I deem my flying mates smart enough I will talk with them.
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