ARIP Game #1 pre-game show- Alexander.

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    Welcome all to the Game #1 pre game show thread. here i will talk a bit about our settings as well as our first ruler, and leave strategy discussion open to you, as well as any helpful experiences you may have had with our first Ruler- Alexander. Also here is a link to the Locker room thread- where all purpose conversation is welcome and our mission statement is to be found.

    The game settings are-

    Standard Map
    6 AI civs, all random
    Noble Difficulty
    All other settings Normal

    Ruler- Alexander of greece Agressive/Philisophical

    A bit about our first ruler-

    The alexander AI is best described as Bipolar- He is either your best friend or worst enemy, and often both several times throughout the game. average builder average techer, good in early war with his UU but tends to tail off afterwards. he isnt very religously motivated, and will attack if he sees an opening. keep your power graph above his and outpace his tech youll be fine, no matter how close he gets. Im just telling you this since i like a little backround on my rulers, relevant or not. heres more irrelevant but fun humorous backround-

    If i had to put Alex in a catergory in high school, id say he is the jock who is unpopular because he plays a foreign off-sport like soccer instead of football or basketball, and seems to enjoy the post-game showers more than the game itself.:mischief:

    His portrait in-game shows a strong fit young general type, who likely spends too much time at the YMCA- or doing the YMCA for that matter.

    His traits are aggresive, which he was very much so in history, providing half cost barracks and combat 1 promos for all melee units. as well as philisophical, which seems less historical considering ive never heard of the great literary/ect works of alexander... lets just say in the civ world he spends so much time getting chased by religous fundies like Isabella for what goes on in the greek camps before the next day's battle, he dislikes religon but still likes to explain the world around him. Philisophical provides cheaper great People, which makes any decently placed city a GP farm, providing flexibility on where you want it to be.

    The Greek UU is the Phalanx, an axeman that gets less bonus versus melee, but a bonus versus mounted, making spearmen all but useless. instead of building a stack of axemen with spearmen for mounted defense, just buld twice as many phalanx with promotions tailored to what you are up against.

    The UB is the Odeon, which replaces the coliseums and provides extra happy based on where your culture slider is. it also provides another happy if you have hit singles, making going for the rocknroll wonder and turning it up to 11 much more lucrative.:lol: it also allows for 2 artist specialists, hopefully not male actors playing female parts :eek:
    overall the UB is more useful if your going for a culture victory, and still mostly useless since many people dont even bother with coliseums in the first place unless happy is a real problem and theres no better source of it. overall i think it is situationally usefull but not general purpose enough to be among the list of better UBs.

    anyway i think a basic strategy- map depending and willing, will be to rush and kill/cripple a couple of close AIs early with the phalanx securing plenty of room and go into mega-build mode mid game, getting a tech lead that can either get me a space race win- or advanced units that can pull off a dom/con against AIs still in the rennaisance. but feel free to chime in with your own thoughts.

    more useful now however may be general tips any of you have from experience playing alexander, or greece in general using their UU and UB. strategy can only really be discussed in earnest once the map is in front of us, but feel free to chime in with whatever you feel is useful.

    ill wait for your imput now, but not before one more off-color greek joke!:)

    How do they separate the men from the boys in Greece?

    Spoiler :
    With a crowbar!!!:lol::lol::lol:

  2. oyzar

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    Oct 7, 2006
    You might wanna link to sisiutils pre-game thread with similar leaders if they are out there.
  3. TheLazyHase

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    Sep 24, 2009
    I remember that women were forbidden from being actor in Greece, so they must be men playing women's part.
  4. vicawoo

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    Feb 12, 2007
    People like pictures.

    If you want to speed it up, you should make the first games pangea.

    Are you going to copy AI personality?

    Phalanx: +50% vs. Melee Units
    +100% defense vs. Chariot

    Odeon is +3 culture instead of 0, +2 happy instead of +1, +1 hit singles, 2 artist slots instead of 0.
  5. kossin

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    Dec 4, 2008
    Input without the start is basically: use your traits to your advantage (early GScientists) and play the map.
    Post the start and then the debate can start!
  6. madscientist

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    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    A comtinent map allows you to exploit both his traits well. USe agressive to take over the continent and use Philosophical for a big tech lead to either get to space fast or go culture.

    A few comments about the leader to pint out

    1) He is designed for a strong SE game being Philosophical.

    2) Agressive means ear;y warring if you ask me.

    3) The Alexander Phalynx is one of the few early UUs in the game with no counter. Another agressive leader's axe is the closest I can think of.

    4) The Odeon gives you alot of benefits and is one of the few buildings that retains it's culture output upon capture. Thus a captured enemy city does NOT need to build a culture building right away.
  7. Rooftrellen

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    I really like Alex for culture, personally.

    His UU allows for some early domination in his area, giving him prime spots for the big 3 cities, as well as plenty of room for extra cities for science to get those key wonder/culture techs fast and enough extra production that he will have a strong enough military later.

    His UU comes pretty early and gives a good amount of culture. Considering it will likely spend a decent part of the game at 6/turn, much impoved over everyone else's 0/turn, it can be a decent building for a cultural win. The artists can be great, as well.

    His traits also play pretty well to cultural wins. Aggressive can let him get away with a smaller military while philosophical lets him pop another few artists to help him along the way.

    You obviously want to go to war, which is fine, since his UB and UU work well with that too (but his UU works well for any strategy that makes use of more land...which is pretty much everything), but I just want to put the culture idea on the table for you as well.

    Of course, so much depends on the map, its hard to have any real plans before you start. Having nearby stone and marble makes the culture route much easier, after all, and if you have a monoply on the strategic resources early, military becomes much much better.
  8. Jman47

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    Feb 27, 2007
    If im lucky enough to get both marble and stone culture is definitly an option, otherwise it may be hard to sneak out the early wonders that help so much with a culture victory, although the UB definitly will help with that if i go that route.

    anyway i just loaded up the BTS and got the game started, so i will be creating the game thread now, which will be up in likely 15-20 minutes.

    stay tuned.:)
  9. pawelo

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Québec, QC
    I don't like Alex, when playing Greece I'd definitely go Pericles. Free borders are more lucrative when warring then the free promotion, especially when the unit is already better than the standard one.

    Still, I find Greece a poor choice to play, especially on high levels - unless you have bronze and close non-agg/pro neighbours :mischief: Their starting techs are among the worst, and you can rely on luck with an early gold/gem or good hut pop to tech you up and match the early AI.

    Sofar for the motivational part. Looking forward to seeing you go with this one - I may catch a hint on how to play this freak ;)
  10. Jman47

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Thanks Pawelo for your 'encouraging' words:p

    anyway game #1 has started HERE

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