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Art and Lore

Discussion in 'Rise from Erebus Modmod' started by Valkrionn, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    Going to be using this thread to fill out the lore on any features we add... Feel free to post your own work, it will most likely be used. :goodjob: I'll also be forced to pickup Blender soon, so I'll post any units/buildings/whatever I make here as well.

    Needed Text

    1. Civpedia
      1. Resources
        1. Ale - History - Bad tag
        2. Cotton - History - Bad TXT_KEY...
        3. Obsidian- History - Bad TXT_KEY...
      2. Units - History - Bad TXT_KEY...
        1. Captain
        2. Grenadier
        3. IronClad
        4. Jotnar Settler
        5. Lord D'Tesh
        6. Minotaur
        7. Mobile Fortress
        8. MusketMan
        9. Sabertooth
        10. Tactician
        11. Trackless
        12. Warchief
        13. Zarraz the Longsighted
      3. Unit - History - Empty Description
        1. Auric Ascended
        2. Boris
        3. Camel Archer
        4. Centaur Archer
        5. Centaur Guard
        6. Centaur Lancer
        7. Captain
        8. Dragon Tortoise
        9. Gaelon
        10. Gibbon Goetia
        11. Gorilla
        12. Griffin
        13. Gurid
        14. Herald
        15. High Priest of Winter
        16. Hippogriff
        17. Ice Elemental
        18. Ira
        19. Jotun
        20. Lightning Elemental
        21. Margalard
        22. Mistform
        23. Mortar
        24. Mud Golem
        25. Privateer
        26. Sea Serpent
        27. Sect of Flies
        28. Spellsword
        29. Supplies
        30. Teutorix
        31. Tower Mage
        32. Valkyrie
        33. Wyrm
      4. Building - History - Bad TXT_KEY
        1. Great Hall
        2. Monument to Tyranny
        3. Sacrificial Alter
        4. School of Govannon
      5. Building - History - Empty Description
        1. Apothecary
        2. Arena
        3. Barracks
        4. Basilica
        5. Bear Den
        6. Bear Totem
        7. Bowyer
        8. Caminas Aureus
        9. Catacomb Libralus
        10. Cathedral of Tali
        11. Celestial compass
        12. city of 1000 slums
        13. crown of akharien
        14. Desert shrine
        15. Dies Diei
        16. Dwarfen smithy
        17. Farmers market
        18. Form of the titan
        19. Frozen Souls
        20. Governors Manor
        21. Griffin Weyr
        22. Grove
        23. Guild of the Nine
        24. Hall of Autumn
        25. Hall of Mirrors
        26. Hall of Spring
        27. Hall of Summer
        28. Hall of Tomes
        29. Hall of Winter
        30. Hall of Years
        31. Halls of d'tesh
        32. herbalist
        33. Heron throne
        34. hippodrome
        35. jeweler
        36. jousting tilt
        37. library
        38. lion den
        39. machinists shop
        40. mammoth den
        41. meditation hall
        42. mines of gal-dur
        43. money changer
        44. museum
        45. nox noctis
        46. order of the wyvern
        47. pagan temple
        48. palisade
        49. pillars of creation
        50. repository
        51. resplendent minaret
        52. Ride of the nine kings
        53. sculptors studio
        54. siegeworkshop
        55. smugglers port
        56. song of autumn
        57. stable
        58. stag copse
        59. steamworks
        60. summer palace
        61. tablet of bambur
        62. Tailor
        63. Tax Office
        64. Temple of Kilmorph
        65. Temple of Empyrean
        66. Temple of Hand
        67. Temple of Order
        68. Temple of Veil
        69. Temple of D'tesh
        70. The Necronomicon
        71. The Nexus
        72. Theater of Dreams
        73. Tower of Divination
        74. Warrens
        75. Winter Palace
        76. Wyvern Monastery
      6. Terrain Improvements - Bad TXT_KEY...
        1. Bair of Lacuna
        2. Foxford
        3. portal
        4. Rinwell isle
        5. Tower of Eyes

    Attached Files:

  2. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    (Will be massively expanded on.)

    Basic Info:
    A Mazatl splinter-group, from just before the Age of Ice, who live in coastal territory and make use of nature and body magic. Once the Ice Age began, they saw no option but to rapidly change themselves in order to survive... Becoming more like the fish they relied on for food. They were eased into this new life by the Tsaayiq'an, a pre-existing aquatic race of toads the lizards came in contact with. Over the centuries since, the two cultures have merged, utilizing the best of both... The agility, adaptability, and numbers of the Lizards, and the tremendous arcane aptitude of the relatively rare Toad.

    They are opposed to both the White Hand, representing the death of their lands and many of their people, lost to the ice, and the Overlords, which they view as a spreading corruption in the Oceans. All other religions are open to them, barring the Ordo Machinarum... Rather than fire and steam, they use biological systems.

    They are good, but also arrogant, viewing the 'lesser' races with disdain. They have a slight predisposition towards slavery, if only because of their views. I could see them as Lawful Neutral, rather than Good, but we don't have that alignment. :lol:
    Their language is at the same time fluid, and guttural. Many of the words and place names will flow easily off the tongue, whereas the names of individuals, units, and magics will be more guttural. This is an artifact from when the two cultures were separate.... The Tsaayiq'an had a highly guttural language.
    Bez -> Sea, Ocean, so on. There's only one real ocean, as the 'oceans' are all connected, so the Bezeri do not differentiate between bodies of water... Currents and reefs are more important boundaries.
    Bezer -> Singular form of Bezeri, applies to the individual rather than the society. Rarely used, as they tend to identify themselves by caste rather than nationality.
    Bezeri -> People of the Sea
    Bezer'ej -> City of the People of the Sea

    Castes- Traditionally, the 'toads' have belonged to the higher castes, beginning with T or Q, while the lizards make up the labor and military castes, beginning with a V. (Beginning letter is not coincidental, but an artifact from before the merge of the languages.) Over time, the priestly and bureucratic castes have become open to both races.

    Taidar'een -> Noble
    Leaders. This caste will only be used in Pedia entries, particularly in that of Targassat.​
    Quolng'een -> Priest
    This one will also likely be pedia only, doubt I'll make religious UU's.​
    Tiec'een -> Caster
    Arcane line. Will be used in game.​
    Tyolok'een -> Bureocrat
    Will be represented by courthouse/maintenance-reducing UB's.​
    Varyr'een -> Warrior(Ranged)
    This one should be the most numerous caste in game. Even more structured than other castes, Cimesiat is the highest ranked.​
    Vivl'een -> Warrior(Mounted)
    Although less respected than the Varyr'een, this caste is arguably more important. Responsible for the defense of Bezeri people. The highest ranking members are granted membership in the Varyr'een caste, and are responsible for guarding the Nobles, Priests, and Casters. (Represented in game by the guardsman promotion granted to the Horse Archer analog, which is the fourth tier mounted unit for the civ.)​
    Voanoq'een -> Warrior(Recon)
    Least important of the warrior castes, used to scout enemy lands and tame animals, particularly the Serpents used by the Vivl'een caste.​
    Vir'een -> Worker
    Lowest, most numerous caste. Well respected, although thought of as rather dim by the higher castes.​
    Dyunil'een -> Non-Bezeri
    Extreme insult when applied to a Bezeri.​

    Cimesiat -> Leader
    Targassat -> Leader

    Uninspiring, but it works and has been done by so many civilizations in the past that it's basically standard practice. :lol: Basically, the language will be highly suffixed, with the addition of even a single letter adding new meaning to the word. So either -i or -eri means People, -'ej means City, so on.​
  3. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    Will use this post to display new unit art created by the RifE team.

    • Burning Eye
      • Flame effect from the Fireball combined with the Floating Eye; Recolored skin.
    • Unnamed Unit
  4. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    Using this to keep track of VSPavlov's Specialist art. ;)

    Humans (New standard):






  5. Guybrush!

    Guybrush! Swa/Hyd/Ins/Cha/Cre

    Nov 12, 2008
    You are taunting us about the Top SecretTM feature alot.....I wish FF had spies so I could steal it. :mischief:
  6. cyther

    cyther Lord of the Dance

    Jun 9, 2008
    Fane of Lessers
    The secret feature is that he will secretly declare that I am the One :crazyeye:
  7. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    Haha yes, yes I am... Actually, Warkirby knows about it, and I believe Vehem is looking at it now. Needs alot of work to be finished, however.
  8. armyofwhispers

    armyofwhispers Chieftain

    Apr 2, 2008
    I am intrigued. :goodjob:
  9. blade117

    blade117 The Unburnt

    Apr 10, 2009
    The Ether
    Hmmmmmmmm.......... New stuff (how nice)
  10. Vehem

    Vehem Modmod Monkey

    Nov 22, 2005
    So am I :confused:
  11. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
  12. armyofwhispers

    armyofwhispers Chieftain

    Apr 2, 2008
    oh this is gonna be good :)
  13. Darksaber1

    Darksaber1 Secret Emperor

    Jun 5, 2008
    Where you least expect me
    Since I don't know if this was noticed when I firt posted it: My story for Tyra Kyri's civopedia entry:

    Spoiler :
    Nish started as Lady Kyri burst into the room in her usual rage. He glanced at Maelys, another of Lady Kyri’s aids, then approached the Lady.
    “Lady Kyri, I have good-”
    “Who do they think they are!” she screamed, cutting him off. “They think this research facility is a waste of money! White Mesa is the Future! So what if some adepts are killed in the process, they are always more.”
    Nish glanced at the other aid, terror in every eye he saw. It was times like this he wished he’d taken that internship at Flesh-Crafters. At least there they tried to keep things safe. A well, he was the head aid.
    “Lady Kyri?”
    “What!” she snapped.
    “Is something wrong?” he asked, trying to control his voice.
    “They think we are not accomplishing anything! They think we’re to expensive! HA! As if they knew what cost was!”
    Yes, Nish thought, a few adepts die. The Councils problem is probably not how many adepts die, but how many go mad and need to be taken care of.
    “I know cost, I know true power is expensive, but I still reach for!”
    Yes, but that’s because you’ve been mad since your Trial of the Caves.
    Nish opened his mouth to speak, but Lady Kyri cut him off. “I will be in my quarters. No one disturb me.”
    She then turned and stormed into her rooms. Out of sight of the aids, she let the tears fall free, then reached over and picked up a small portrait she had. The portrait had been painted from an image she had had pulled from her mind my a mind mage, and was of a young boy, about 10. As she looked at the portrait, she let her memories of the child lost to the Trials fill her mind, the child she had miscarried due to the strain, yet that had guided her throught. As she thought, she felt her resolve strengthen. Those adepts might lose their minds, but their loss was nothing compared to hers. She knew it.

    Also: Reorx Veinhunter
    Spoiler :
    The tunnel was long, narrow and in the middle of no-where. So, to Auditor Akrus, a waste of money.
    Looking at it, Akrus couldn’t help but sight and shake his head. He turned and looked at his guide, a miner who was busy picking…things out of his beard. Suppressing a shudder of disgust (thank Kilmorph that city dwarves were cleaner), Akrus asked the miner (Thrumbl) were the Forman was.
    “Oh, ri’t this way, Aud’tor, yur Honour.”
    Sighing once more, Akrus followed Thrumbl down the tunnel, shaking his head quietly at the lack of work he saw. Finally, he and Thrumbl found them selves in a large room full of bustling work.
    “Thar’s him, Farman Reorx Veinhunter.” Said Thrumbl when said when Akrus asked about the Forman.
    Hmph, “Farman”? Veinhunter? Given what I’ve seen, he might as well be Reorx Moneywaster, thought Akrus as he strode towards a fairly tall dwarf.
    “Mr. Reorx? I’m Auditor Akrus, it is…good to meet you.” He said with a nod.
    “Greetings. Call me Reorx, Auditor. To what do I owe this honour?” The Forman said in clear, well pronounced Kaz’ak.
    “No honour in this visit, I’m afraid. Lord Kandros if getting impatient with this dig. You had better of found something since your last report, or I will have to shut this dig down.”
    Reorx smiled, and pointed to the long wall opposite the entry to the room. Akrus, frowning, walked over to the wall, and brushed away the dust. Instantly, his breath could in his throat.
    “Forman Veinhunter”, he said in a small voice, is this what I think it is.”
    “Yes, it is.”
    “So this is why the tunnel was so long. But please tell me, how did you know this was here.”
    “Kilmorph told me.” Roex said with a smile

    And so, Auditor Akrus carried the news back to Kazak, and Reorx Veinhunter had rewards and titles heaped upon him. For he had found the largest know vein of Mithril in all of Erebus, and and he was known as the greatest prospector in Erebus.
  14. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    I like them both, I'll put them in. :goodjob:
  15. WarKirby

    WarKirby Arty person

    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    I noticed a few minor spelling and grammar errors in one of the above stories. Then I noticed places where it could flow a little better.
    Somehow, I found myself rewriting it entirely.

    Spoiler :
  16. Darksaber1

    Darksaber1 Secret Emperor

    Jun 5, 2008
    Where you least expect me
    Hmm, yes, I was a bit quite with the righting (and, of course, I'm still praticing). I think you got my idea acrost better then my own rendition.:)
  17. Darksaber1

    Darksaber1 Secret Emperor

    Jun 5, 2008
    Where you least expect me
    To make life Easier for Valk;): Lorelei Coral

    Spoiler :

    When an Amurite comes of age, they usually choose a sphere of magic that matches their intent. A battlemage, for instance, often chooses Fire magic, for it’s potential for destruction. However, for the inhabitants of the Iltanie Islands, water reigns supreme. These islanders fallow the path of the Hydromancer, with most aspiring to fallow in the foot steps of Lorelei Coral, the greatest Hydromancer of the age.

    “The Elves have no navy to speak of, the problem is their Lanun mercenaries” said Admiral Akurl, addressing the war council. “If the Lanun vessel’s can be handled, the Elven ships will pose no threat to our Windriders.”
    “What of the Jotnar fleet?” asked a general in the back of the room.
    “To far away to be a threat” answered the admiral, shaking his head. “None of are mages are powerful enough to attack the ships directly, they have some Mechanos magic dampening device.”
    “What if we attack the water?” asked a soft female voice form the crowd.
    Akurl frowned, something about the voice unnerving him. “I see you logic, but none of out mages are powerful enough to do that.”
    A slight young woman in a robe stepped out of the crowed. She smiled slightly. “Then I will destroy the fleet myself”
    Akurl felt like laughing, but one look at the women caused him to change his mind. “Maybe you can”

    Late during the night, a storm blew up out of nowhere. Rain sleeted down, waves tall as hills flipped ships, yet strangely, there was little wind, no lightning, and some of the few surviving Lanun clamed they could see the stars clearly. Soon after, Lorelei Coral was appointed to the council of Archmages at the personal recommendation of both Queen Valledia and Caswallen Dain.
  18. Hawkwood

    Hawkwood Man-at-Arms

    Jul 12, 2008
    The new race looks very interesting, though I'm very interested in any posts explaining what's special about their game mechanics (and how they tie into their lore).
  19. armyofwhispers

    armyofwhispers Chieftain

    Apr 2, 2008
    Well Valkrionn, nice job on the new water based civ. Are you planning on putting a second one in for competition? I wish you the best of luck with the building of the Bezeri.

    I know I'm looking forward to playing them.
  20. KillerClowns

    KillerClowns Chieftain

    Oct 6, 2007
    Feeling creative, so I'm going to throw a few bones here.

    Spoiler Witch Hunter :
    I'm sorry, Princess Keelyn. But, you don't understand. I tried, honestly, I did. But, the Mechanos... you don't understand! No, no, please! Listen! Their agents... the Witch Hunters... wherever they go, a cloud follows... I reach out for magic, and I find... nothing... just cold... no, I tried that. It's not like ice, it's like steel, steel and steam and nothing... empty... please, forgive me, my lady! Forgive me! No, no, anything but... -Last words of Paulos the Blue

    (I'll leave someone else to give a description of HOW a Witch Hunter actually operates; all the Mechanos units go quote-then-description, but descriptions are much harder.)

    Spoiler Creation Mana :
    Creation. To form something from the very ether itself is not an easy task, but it is beyond any doubt the greatest of any magical achievements. By channeling the power of Creation, and using it to power our own achievements, we defy the gods themselves, and prove what mortal minds are capable of. -Aerith, Grigori Archmage

    Spoiler Ice Mana :
    If you're stuck taking an Ice Magic class, bring a coat, no matter how hot it is outside. Make sure it has a really thick hood, so you can use it as a pillow. Oh, sure, every so often that doddering fool does something impressive, but for the most part, you get to hear an old windbag complain about how he'd trudge twenty miles, uphill both ways, just for a chance to polish Kylorin's boots. -Adept Morin

    Spoiler Dimensional Mana :
    For Oghma's sake, never fall asleep in Archmage Drahm's class. Ever. Under any circumstances. Sleep before class, collapse after class, but not during his class. You see, Drahm has an evil sense of humor. And he's a master of bending the fabric of reality itself. Last time I fell asleep in his class, I woke up, spent ten minutes wondering how I'd ended up in the girls' bathroom, and then several hours trying to explain myself when Tyr walked in. -Adept Morin

    Spoiler Enchantment Mana :
    I don't consider myself a mage. You see, mages are arrogant. Half of them are useless fools who turn good food into daydreams, and the other half would blow up a city just to see what patterns the debris would make. I am a craftsman, who just happens to use magic to make swords sharper, hammers strike more true, and armor withstand more abuse then steel alone can. -Flavius, Bannor enchanter

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