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Artifact "bingo" system

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by mnf, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. mnf

    mnf King

    Jan 31, 2006
    Motive: to eliminate the manual trial-and-error play that is currently required to maximize returns from the Artifact system.

    • each player gets 4 bingo cards: Old Earth, Alien World, Progenitor, Hybrid
    • each card is 3x3
    • artifacts can be "set down" into the squares, once set down, it cannot be moved or removed
    • each square will have restrictions on what artifacts it accept, but there will be 3 "free" squares that take any artifact that has the corresponding category (see the card generation part below for specifics)
    • completing each row or column awards the reward designated for it
    • (no diagonals for now because we currently only have 6 rewards per category)
    • each card only takes artifacts of the same category
    • the squares on the Hybrid card takes any and all artifacts, no restrictions at all
    • when an artifact is "set down", it activates that square's yield-per-turn reward
    • when a row or column is completed, the yield-per-turn reward for the 3 squares end

    The bingo cards are generated at the start of the world as follows:
    • randomly determine the position of the rewards
    • for each reward row/column, randomly pick one of the squares to take only artifacts with the designated reward preference
    • this means that each card will have 3 squares that can take any artifact from the applicable category
    • rewards for all the row/columns are hidden at the start
    • the required artifact for all squares are also hidden at the start, but the 3 "free" squares are revealed upon planetfall
    • each time we get an artifact, the corresponding reward and its required square is revealed (e.g. say we get something that prefers to give Temporal Calculus, this will reveal the position of Temporal Calculus and also reveal that the center square can take only artifacts that prefer to give Temporal Calculus)

    Something like this:

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