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Artifacts: not just Tourism and Culture??

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by PrimoXanthous, Sep 3, 2013.


so, What do you think??? Do you Agree

  1. This is a Good Idea, I Agree

    9 vote(s)
  2. No. I don't think so, I'm contented with just Tourism and Culture

    13 vote(s)
  3. I Don't know.

    6 vote(s)
  1. PrimoXanthous

    PrimoXanthous ~ knightmare13 ~

    Feb 19, 2012
    Sa Puso mo
    I'm thinking Last night while playing my France game in Industrial Era, what if the Artifacts that we Dig could do more than just Tourism and Culture?? this just came into my mind.

    maybe if you could dig a certain artifacts, and place it on the slot in your palace, you will get a certain bonus , like; "all lands units get +15% more experience during battle" "+15% combat bonus when attacking" ,"+15% combat bonus when defending", "+10% Science in Cities with Universities", "+15% culture from Cities with Museum" and etc (there could be so many).

    Also if you could collect a certain set of artifacts and place it in one of your Museum or some kind of Special/Unique Building (that is for this kind of artifacts only) you will get a much more better and bigger bonus.

    I don't think that this is easy to Mod; but if somebody who think that this is a Good Idea maybe they could make this happen.

    so, What do you think ?? is this a good Idea??
  2. MarshalN

    MarshalN Prince

    Jul 23, 2013
    I started a thread only a few days ago on the same thing - but with more detailed proposals.

    The bonuses you suggest are, frankly, pretty OP. There are lots of wonders that give you less than 15% combat bonus or +15% culture.

  3. Singulare

    Singulare Chieftain

    Feb 29, 2012
    Ditto. Suggestions way too OP.

    Things I'd like to see about artifacts - gallery with very cool drawn pictures of them. Like you enter the Louvre and look at the paintings you've gathered there or a museum with a legendary item.
    Variety of artifacts from Dino stuff to first inventions.
    Tiers of artefact's from common to legendary with scaling bonuses.
  4. PrimoXanthous

    PrimoXanthous ~ knightmare13 ~

    Feb 19, 2012
    Sa Puso mo
    I don't see anything you suggest which is same as mine. I mean with Promotion

    and about the OP you say, I dont think they are over powered, actually there are more overpowered promotion in the game. Heals at double rate, 50 combat when attacking, raze city twice speed. and don't compare Wonders with artifacts, they're completely different (its just like comparing Cattles with Horses) .

    This is what I'm trying to say man.

    Spoiler :

    German Archeologist: Yes!! finally, finally, after years of bloody tireless digging finally we found the rare mythical Pandora's Box. Finally with could continue our heavenly Plans.
    German 1st Army Hahahaha. look at what we got!! its the Legendary Pandora's Box, now we are invinsible. ahahahahhaha.


    French Archeologist 1 whatttt???? after years of tireless digging this is what we all got??? an ancient French beads??? What the.. what are we gonna do with this??? its useless.
    French Archeologist 2 well its not useless actually its still generate 2 culture and 2 tourism .Indeed not useless at all. we could drop by on Louvre in Paris. I heard they need stuff like this. Or we could make this as a Lucky Charm on our Army.
    French Archeologist 1 Yeah. why not. :stupid:

    French 1st Legion what??? what the hell are we gonna do with these beads?? Stick it on the nose of every German Soldiers?What the....

    1st German Armyhahaha, the Day of the Days had come, Finaly..hahahahha..

    1st French Legion Soldier 1 What??? what is that black smoke like cloud enveloping us???

    1st French Legion Soldier 2 Maybe they're using Chemical Warfare aagain.

    1st French Legion Soldier 3 Or every soldier is Releasing its bloody Fart.

    1st French Legion Soldier 1 its coming run for your life...whaaaaa..why usssss???...Whaaaaaa......you bloody cheaterssss.......

    1st German Army were not Cheating you morrrrn..hahahaa. we just digg better than you. ahahhahaha.

    I think every Rare Artifacts or Legendary Artifacts deserved a better bonus if ever.
    lets say, your Archeologist just dig the Holy Grail, what Morale it will give to your Army, not to mention that if every soldier in your army would drink in that grail.

    Just like Natural Wonders, which are Terrain Features in the game, like Oasis, Atoll, Jungle, Forest and Marsh. But because you could only found 1 kind of the that Feature in your game, it yields better. well if we based your opinions on my suggestion and the current NW, all of them are TOOO OVER POWERED. Heals at double rate??? 10 happiness??? 500 gold, 8 faith, 5 production, 6 food??isn't that too overpowered for just a terrain feature???

    no offense BTW. :D
  5. ixias

    ixias Warlord

    Dec 13, 2012
    I honestly think they should tweak all of the great works a bit, similar to how they differed the religious buildings. For example, Great Works of Art may produce more culture and less tourism, Great Works of Music produce more tourism but less culture, and the Writings produce equal amounts. In addition, I think artifacts should produce a bit of science as well since they do lead to scientific discoveries.

    While I think adding bonuses may be a cool idea, implementation would be a nightmare and adding additional luck factors into a planning/strategy game would anger a lot of people.

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