Artillery is broken or I missed something?


Nov 25, 2013
I havent played civ4 in years, maybe decades, so I can't remember if it was always like this.
But I just played road to war with France, starting 1936 on Deity.
For some reason it seemed to me artillery was a good tradeoff in production cost vs strength (only 15str but still), and it could bombard a bit. So I made a bunch of those from 1936 to 1939.
When war started at last with germany, I had a nice stack of about 20 artilleries, with 5 tanks and 5 tank destroyers (approximately). Plus several other smaller stacks here an there. I tried to (re)learn the rules of civ4 along the way and clearly wasn't sure about what I was doing.
There was a big stack of german units in Freiburg, a german city 1 tile away, and for some reason I thought "hey let's see how much those 35str german tanks annihilate my weak units when not paired with maginot defense etc. then I'll reload and do the real war." Just for fun, to see how it works.
So I moved the stack 1 tile, ie next to the city, artillery couldnt bombard cause out of move but the tanks/anti tanks could attack once each. So I attack just to see.
What was my surprise to see all the artilleries do damage on every attack??? I didnt expect them to do that at all. It's true defense artilleries was doing the same but they had less (but a loooot more and stronger tanks/infanteries/whatnot).
I ended up blowing up the whole city and the biggest german stack on turn 1 of the war, only losing a few tanks, which seems not too fun for what was supposed to be a great long defensive war.
Then I steamrolled germany and won the game even before Italy joined the war (I was playing with historical dates).

Let's do some (maybe slightly incorrect) maths:
My 10 "tanks" gave my 20 artilleries (which couldnt even attack) 20x10 = 200 collateral strikes, each strike damaging about 4 units. We're talking 800 strikes unit-wise (and about 70% landing) for just 20 small artilleries that couldnt even move or attack themselves? Could have wiped out pretty much any stack, I mean up to 10 times my size!
If I would have known I could have optimized it to even crazier values, which would be pointless ofc.

Is that also how it works in Civ4? I cant remember siege weapons to be so unbalanced. Did I get the wrong version of the mod? Am I missing something or this is just completely broken balance-wise?
I admit I recompiled the mod DLL but I didnt touch anything concerning that sort of things. I could probably change that behavior but not sure I have the willpower to start again now.
This artillery behavior is only in this mod, in historical version kiwitt decreased accuracy to I think 15%, in standard civ 4 artillery has only city defense bonus bombardment. I think this is broken balance, AI could understand it better and produce and place artillery wisely.
Yeah I played a civ4 game after that and did in fact see that siege weapon behavior is "only colleteral strike when attacking itself", no passive attacks from other units.
And yeah the way it is in Road to War (from dale's combat mod if I understand correctly) is completely broken.
I'm not sure 15% is a viable solution (ofc it would be better but...). It wouldn't change the fact that having a passive like this scales exponentially with #units in a plot. If enough units facing each other = broken (just the number to reach this point is higher).

I removed this passive completely but had to edit the dll of the mod for that.
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