Ask Barry Caudill About "BtS"


Owner, Civilized Communication
Oct 24, 2000
Ontario, Canada
You have an opportunity to ask Firaxis Games' Barry Caudill about Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword and Civilization Revolution as part of an upcoming episode of PolyCast! Questions are being accepted up to and including this Friday at 11:59PM EDT.

For questions and discussion on this, see the dedicated thread here at

From the dedicated thread the main thing that will be discussed is Civ Rev not BtS. Not really worth listening to unless you want Rev.
The first of a two-parter from this call for questions is now available (

With Barry -- and Dorian Newcomb :) -- we discuss BtS in a greater amount of show time than CivRev. The next part will be more CivRev focused, and will have no BtS questions for and answers from them (all were covered in this installment).
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