ASNES3 Battle in the 1700's

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Jul 9, 2003
Beyond the hill and threw the swamp
This NES will be quite great in the fact that it is just 1 battle...Where 2 opposing sides attack eachother till victory is aprehended by 1 side or the other.

This in effect is a tournament...Before you join grab a team of players...You will need 1 person in command with your officers in command of their personal things.The officer in command may command his own batalian of troops because after all...he's the commander.

So...Therewill be the General and his officers...One may want an officer to be in control of the supply lines...One officer to take command of so and so troops..Another to take command of other troops etc...

This will be done almost totally by PM...For realism..Because an army cannot win without good communications.Only stuff that may be seen to to the naked eye (Of everyone)will be posted..The rest will be PMed to the people who see it respectively and then they can relay it to the rest of the forces,once again imploring the fact that good communications helps win battles....And of course maps will be displayed each update


An amount of gold pieces will be given to the general and he is to split up the gold between his officers...Or not...Gold is used to pay the men,to hire guides,to entice the enemies soldiers with more pay than they are recieving,to pay for spies,etc..You can gain gold by loans from noble's or grants from your regent...Or plundering.


The army in this battle will be in the 18th century due to request...There will be an attacker and a deffender...So the deffender may draft or whatever from the area's around whilst the attackers may as well...But the attacker's drafties wouldn't be loyal at all.The regent for the attackers may send reinforcements...And the same vice versa.


if you must make a barrakade you must have the resources to do it...You cannot simply make something out of nothing...And take heed you can do anything that you could do in real life to get resources...This will be as realistic as possible.

Supply lines

This is vital to one's survival...Without provisions and whatnot an army cannot survive.Therefor I advise making an officer solely for this reason...but if the general wishes he may direct this affair himself...Also remember that there's farms...So you may want to protect you source's of food or something from the other side...Food will be a stat so watch out..Feed your men too much and you may run out of food...Feed your men too little and they may become displeased and revolt/Join the other side...Don't feed your army and they may coak and die.


Each officer's men has a certain lotalty...That loyalty depends on a number of things...The officer's ability,rations,who's winning,protected flanks,rumors about other fronts of the battle,and more stuff will be considered with loyaly...REMEMBER THAT LOYALTY CAN MAKE OR BREAK THE BATTLE!

That about does it boys...I need a deffending general and an attacking general.

The attackers are shown as the yellow blob...It's in a kind of line because it's marching to attack.The deffenders are blue...They are outnumbered...Why else would the attackers attack?I will PM the orders the regents have to the generals of each force...And I will also PM force's to each general...And they will PM me who in their army has a position...If you don't have an officer to fill a gap I will take control and NPC it...The NPC officers are not good at all though.Also communications between the 2 force's is allowed...And switching sides is allowed too...THus the generals must pick their team carefully.

The map below shows what's known of the deffenders and attackers positions...I will PM the deffneding general to tell him more about his situation and hidden troops etc..I will keep each officer's templates written down in Notepad...As the war rages on these templates will be changed and accordingly PMed to the officers for them to share with their army if they wish.

NOTE assassinations and whatnot CAN happen...And you can die in an engagement if you aren't careful...While it inspires your men if you fight on the front line you also have a high chance of dying(and of course if your men are solidly loyal they'll probably risk their lives in order to save yours).

So...Have at it gentlemen...Sign up for a position here!first 2 to sign up for general position get it...The generals may hire officers that are willing to play (Post your willingness to be an officer here!).

It would be wise for the generals to pick people with AIM...And if anyone has any questions just ask me...I'm the mod:D (Aim:Amon Savag)
Positions in each army

Captain(First Grade)-Naervod
Captain(Second Grade)-Erik Mesoy (Adjutant to Sheep)
Captain(Second grade)-Heine

Overall Infantry Commander-Blenderboy
First Division Commander-AAminion00
Second Division Commander-Constantine
Cavalry Commander-human-slaughter
Notes that need to be read by both armies for some odd reason
Small orange dot=Farm
Large orange conjunction=Town
Light blue=River


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I call General of one of the armies.
Each turn will be 1 day...The scale of the map is about 2 kilometers per inch (If metrick system basically 3 centimeters)..Templates are being made for each army so hold tight
To those who wish to be officers.

I am looking for four dedicated officers who are in AIM, as by choice. The first will be Colonel and will run the army when I am not there. We are the attacking force from the nation of Neveria. I am also looking for three Captains to run seperate parts of the army.

Our King, King Juras III has said that the nation of Pumalia to the west must br brought into our Kingdom, and it shall.
A slight change in turns...There will be a day turn and a night turn..
i'll be gone all weekend wich clearly puts me at a disadvantage to get good officers. HOWEVER, when i return i guarentee that under my system of command the indiviual players will get much more control over their troops. therefore if you'd like to join my army just PM me
The first update will be on Tuesday...Everyone send in orders by then or you'll be off to a bad start...And noone likes a bad start;)

Attacking General
-You must PM me the division of your forces so that I may PM the individual captains of their status.

Deffending General
-Your forces are already divided and ready to go...So you'll just need to tell me which officer goes where and I'll PM them their stats.

After Tuesday I will try to have updates be every other day...But will make exceptions rarely.if one doesn't send in orders the men under their command take it as a "hold" order and with do accordingly
I would like to join as a capitain. I dont mind what side. I was thinking of commanding a recon unit, that scouts. Or infantry.
I'd like to join the defending army. I'll send Puma an PM too. :)
Can you make a third team?

This looks intresting and I want to join to.....

If you can not make a third team then:

To Sheep: plz let me be officer of your great attacking army. :p

BTW: I think it might be an idea to give the teams an thread at Planet NES, much easier than PMing all the time ;)
I'd like to join too, if some side will have me!

Heine, I think there are enough spaces without a third team.
Or you could be the farmers providing food for the armies... "Hei, bonde!" (Private joke.)
i want to be an officer! i dont care which side
I am joining on Sheeps side as one of his Captains or whatever the rank is (we went over this on AIM already).
I confirm Naevrod as being on my side. His rank is Captain (Second Grade)
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