Assasins in the Middle Ages conquest


Nov 12, 2003
Can the assassins available in the middle ages conquest be used to kill a king in a city while there are other units in it? I mean when you get the option to attack a specific unit in a city, do king units appear there? If so could you tell me how. Thanks in advance.
I'm pretty sure not. They probably can't target king units, nor can they target leaders. The reason why is b/c I remember seeing in the editor that the stealth fighters and bombers can't stealth attack those units.
Oh well. It would've made it a bit easier if they could. Thanks anyway guys.
I thought Ninjas (in Sengoku) were designed with this ability.

When you attacked with Stealth Bombers, did it work at all (i.e. any unit)?
Ninja's in Sengoku can attack and kill Shoguns. Stealth bombers in random games can't attack king units. In the editor you can set "Stealth Attack Targets" so you can choose which units can or cannot be killed in a stealth attack.
If the AI walks straight into and assassin, can it back up and not declare war? I had about seven civs declare war in about a ten-turn span because they all walked into the same assassin.
No, this is the same issue as wars being caused by stumbling onto subs.
I did it with the Ninja in the Shogun Conquest. Took out the Damiyo and their clan was gone.
Originally posted by Merepatra
Ninja's in Sengoku can attack and kill Shoguns.

Then why wasn't I able to attack the Mori capital with a ninja?

Hmmm.... The only thing I can think of is that it was my son's game on Chieftan level.
Even though ninjas are hidden nationality, you don't seem to be able to attack units in cities without first declaring war. It would be a little sketchy to take over a city with invisible, undeclared ninjas. The city switching to your civ would make it all to obvious what just happened, but the AI wouldn't pick up on it.

However, you can sneak into their territory, then declare war and take out their shogun. Hurts your rep, but it's brutally effective.
Assassins can't stealth attack kings nor leaders. But they can attack them when they are alone. And I found that a roaming assassin is a great excuse to force a civ to start an unprepared war. Just roam their roads :D

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