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Asymetric Pop Growth question


Jun 29, 2007
I am currently playing a good & long game with Amelanchier.

Bee-lining for FoL, I have become the first power in the game (Emperor with Orbis Modmod) by the sheer power granted by foresters.

With cities close to 20+ people, the Elves are dwafing every other civ, steaming out the fun of the challenge.

I was wondering, whether, without altering the bonii from the improvements, there was an easy way to increase the food consumption per capita for the Elves (i.e. pushing it up by say 50%) only for my Civ, and hence lowering actually the cities growth?

To be fair I have no idea as to where to look or how to code (being a no-coder).

Thank you in advance for any help :mischief:
Or, though it's not exactly the same, you could mod the elven palace to provide a free new building, Elven Decadence, in all cities.

The new building would give - 25% food, or however much you think necessary.

If you're comfortable with a little python, which I think everyone should be, it'd be easy to have Elven Decadence appear and disappear at any conditions you think appropriate.
You would have to modify the DLL to change how much food each population consumes. Or run a special Civic which makes you need 3 food each the same way that Sacrifice the Weak makes you need 1 food each.

I like the idea of Guardian of Nature requiring 3-4 food per pop actually. I might try this out in my own modmod... :)
Thank you, all, for your explanations.
Now, to reply to Oldarick, alas, I have no knowledge of Python, or that said XML.

I guess that until Mailbox kindly shares with us its potential work on Guardian of Nature, I would have to take the long, hard and windy path to Python programming. Unless somebody has the time, and the keeness to code this Elven decadence stuff :mischief:

I like the idea of Guardian of Nature requiring 3-4 food per pop actually. I might try this out in my own modmod... :)

2.5 might be a better value - the increase to 1.5 of Sacrifice the Weak was significant. 3 might work though with Ancient forest, but does negate the benefit of it...
Copy this into \Mods\Fall from Heaven 2\Assets\XML\GlobalDefinesAlt and change the number to anything you wish, as long as it is an integer. No fancy dll work required.
Thanks for all your input, gents.

I eventually setteld for the cheap solution (i.e. increasing GoN food consumption).
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