ATTENTION! Those having trouble winning: the easiest map ever!


Mar 4, 2007
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I started a game the other night with the intent of it being simple, so I started a Prince game with one of my favourite leaders, Huayna Capac ...


  • Huayna Capac of Inca (Industrious, Financial)
  • Prince Difficulty
  • Big_and_Small
  • Standard World Size
  • Termperate Climate
  • Medium Sea Level
  • Ancient Starting Era
  • Epic Game Speed

... and this is the start I pulled ...

The starting land is actually kinda crummy (I hate starting with such a low-:food: capital), but everything outside of your view is what makes this map so ridiculously simple.

If you've ever had any difficulty winning CivIV, you need to download and play this map, because most of the "classic" starting problems just don't exist here.

Spoiler map details and why it's so easy :

  • All of your opponents have less-than-stellar starting positions
  • Your land is ripe with Flood Plains and food resources
  • Your capital has a strategic resource in it
  • Your capital has ridiculous production potential (not to mention Industrious/Stone)
  • Your nearest neighbor is 14 tiles north of you with no food resource (unless you count Grassland Cows)
  • Your immediate land is 'protected' by Deserts to the west, Jungle to the north and water to the south and east
  • You can circumnavigate the globe in a Work Boat
"the easiest map ever"?
to be absolutely sure, Huayna Capac of Nevordan should have a go at this one and report...;) (i'll pm the link)
Low food capital?
You have cows, corn and loads of grassland to irrigate with a lake and two rivers. That start alone makes it very good.
the easiest start ever? i'm sorry but at the moment i'm playing a map where i got 2xGOLD 2XCRAB 1XCLAM 1XCOPPER, fresh water and lots of forest tiles to chop in the BFC from the start. Plus one tile off there's marble and second city will grab stone and ivory... what more can you ask for?
Just create your own maps in the world builder, save them and start the game via custom map section and customize your difficulty settings. Works like a charm ;)
Worldbuilder save difficulties don't account for different units AI gets at Monarch and above. Works perfectly up to Prince though, and it's fast enough to edit the Worldbuilder save (it's XML) changing the units to match different difficulty setting.
Low food capital?
You have cows, corn and loads of grassland to irrigate with a lake and two rivers. That start alone makes it very good.

I guess I'm used to the super high-:food: starts common in Warlords. Adding up all the tiles (post improvements), the city is still at -6, so I'd need to farm every Plains pre-Biology to work every tile.

At any rate, it's certainly not a bad start and perhaps not the best start (as joza points out, Gold is still king), but it was easy enough that I quit early after discovering Liberalism while everybody else was begging me for Code of Laws.

I figure any start even I can do so well on should be shared. (I certainly wish some of the starts when I first started playing had been this easy.)
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