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Audience w Queen Jayne

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by GaryNemo, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    GaryNemo (11:23 AM) :
    We have a stirring discussion on Fillers, new cities, guarded, where, Vikings, the loose horse .. anything else?
    Jayne (11:24 AM) :
    I think that probably covers it. I'll just go and look at the game and see if I can think of anything else.
    GaryNemo (11:25 AM) :
    Black Dudes. If you move the Warrior out of GG, it cures the riot! Try it.
    Jayne (11:28 AM) :
    Why does it do that? Too many cities?
    GaryNemo (11:29 AM) :
    Its a combination of Deity and Hanging Gardens. a bit odd, eh?
    Jayne (11:29 AM) :
    TF, RC, OP and Mord all need new items to build in the next 5 turns.
    GaryNemo (11:32 AM) :
    RC and TF, check. I need to post another poll, after that LN F4 poll.
    GaryNemo (11:32 AM) :
    I was wondering about 'Plan for Next Turn' ...
    Maybe we should stop using it, just use Turn 400BC...
    As a new policy.
    Like the idea?
    Jayne (11:33 AM) :
    That's OK. I was mainly using it as a reminder to people when I was playing, but I can do that in the turn thread. I was thinking the thread was getting a bit long anyway.
    GaryNemo (11:34 AM) :
    Yes. You could post in Turn 400BC, what decisions you need from the Northern Governors, and that we will discontinue 'Plan for Next Turn' - a new policy.
    That Advisors and Governors post decisions in Turn 400BC ...
    Jayne (11:35 AM) :
    I'm happy to implement that. Nice idea Counsellor Nemo!
    GaryNemo (11:36 AM) :
    Thank you, My Queen. You noticed this morning, the people do love you.   And respect you.
    Jayne (11:37 AM) :
    Yes, I know. I'm just a bit nervous about making a huge mistake!
    GaryNemo (11:37 AM) :
    Well, we've all made mistakes. And then, there is bad luck.
    I worry that all 3 hunters are stacked.
    Jayne (11:38 AM) :
    Maybe I'll unstack them. Leave the dip with the chariot or something
    GaryNemo (11:39 AM) :
    Protect the Dip with the Legion. Soon the hunters will be in the Banana & Forest.
    Jayne (11:40 AM) :
    Ok, I'll do that. With the chariot being seperate we'll see over more terrain anyway.
    GaryNemo (11:40 AM) : Yes, a sweep.
    Jayne (11:47 AM) :
    I was thinking that it had been decided to build an archer next in reneaux, but thinking about it, only 3 people voted in that poll. Shall be just build the archer or open that for discussion again too?
    GaryNemo (11:49 AM) :
    Ask the people, the governors. The Northern Governors will benefit from your focus, My Queen. Further, Serutan is out of town, he asked MonkE to handle it all. Just post, ask the questions.
    GaryNemo (11:49 AM) :
    I am building two new polls, one for RC, another for Misc Aonia business. The electrifying LN F4 poll had to come first...
    Jayne (11:49 AM) : ok
    GaryNemo (11:50 AM) :
    One idea was for the Reneaux Settler and OP Archer to found North Whale, on the Pure Green, iirc. But you're right, next build what?
    Jayne (11:51 AM) :
    I think I also read somewhere the idea that the OP Archer would meet the Mord settler at North Whale!
    GaryNemo (11:51 AM) :
    Yes, that city is on the maps, with many different names, always the same site.
    GaryNemo (11:52 AM) :
    Rout is interesting. If people would focus, they would realize we have too many Settlers now, because of the Vikings. Which will be ok, but we need a few more Archers. We must keep founding cities. Somehow. F4 seems a lost hope.
    Jayne (11:54 AM) :
    Perhaps someone needs to list which settlers we have or are being built, and where they are going. Then we can see if we need more settlers now, or we can afford to wait until we've secured our continent/got boats before we build more?
    GaryNemo (11:55 AM) :
    But, the cities must build more settlers to avoid growth. That is why we need more Temples.
    GaryNemo (11:56 AM) :
    Before you go, My Queen, I have a question.
    May I post this Chat "Audience with Our Queen" ???
    Jayne (11:57 AM) : Post if you like
    You're right, of course. In which case we need a boat or two to move excess settlers to other islands. (I was soooo tempted to accidently press 'Mapmaking' on the choose tech screen, but that just wouldn't have been democratic!! ;) )
    GaryNemo (11:58 AM) :
    MapMaking next time, perhaps. We really need Cop's and Mike's. The AI is out there, building. I have tried to provide Settler Summaries... We have a vast empire, My Queen.
    GaryNemo (11:59 AM) :
    Soon I will go home to Little Nemo for lunch w my wife. Anything else?
    Jayne (11:59 AM) :
    Yes, I must go and give Lucy her tea. Nice chatting to you again!
    GaryNemo (12:00 AM) : I'll post this now.
    Jayne (12:00 AM) : ok
    GaryNemo (12:00 AM) :
    Please, you post the new Policy and Northern Questions in Turn 400BC.
  2. heliogabalus

    heliogabalus Warlord

    Jul 10, 2002
    I still don't get it...

    Sounds good.

    After all, you have the executive prerogative! Don't know whether you would have increased your chances for reelection with that, though...
  3. Duke of Marlbrough

    Duke of Marlbrough The Quiet Moderator Retired Moderator

    Jun 23, 2001
    Southern CA, USA
    Since it has been asked, this thread is not a way of telling people that any decisions have been made, but merely that some discussion has taken place that should be shared with the other players.

    If your ideas ever differ from what is posted in the chat log, or any other thread, for that matter, then post your opinion about the issue.

    No matters shall ever be decided outside the forum by individuals and that is not the intention of Gary or Jayne to do so. They are simply discussing ideas and then sharing them with everyone to read and discuss.
  4. Jayne

    Jayne Emperor

    Jun 12, 2002
    Worcs UK
    I meant to comment on this last night, but I had more important matters to deal with (i.e. my 7 month old daughter).

    I considered running these units North in parallel. Please comment on this, and if someone wants to post a poll then feel free.
  5. duke o' york

    duke o' york It don't mean a thing....

    Apr 24, 2001
    Don't get around much anymore
    I think that the chariot should strike out on its own, and the dip should be guarded by the legion. Since the terrain up there is not conducive to 2-move units anyway then we may as well ensure that our best attacker (the dip that is ;)) is well protected. When we get the chance then we can move the legion forwards and the dip sideways and then onto the same square as the legion. If the legion moves onto a forest or whatever then the dip should follow straight after as we don't want to risk his not being able to return.

    And what does Lucy have for her tea? I bet it was better than mine. :)
  6. Jayne

    Jayne Emperor

    Jun 12, 2002
    Worcs UK
    That was the way I was thinking of sending them. I'm glad you agree.

    Btw, Lucy has Potato and Lamb Moussaka, followed by Cocoa and Vanilla Dessert last night!!!
  7. Rout

    Rout ZZzzzzzz

    Oct 7, 2002
    Leeds UK
    No-ones going to be mad if you do make a mistake. especially since you might have our heads:rotfl:cut:rotfl: off!
    At least youve got the bottle to take on the responsibility.:goodjob:
  8. Serutan

    Serutan Eatibus Anythingibus

    Feb 20, 2002
    Baja Arizona
    Er, that's next week. This week's delay was inadvertant.

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