[NFP] August Update Video Thread


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Jun 20, 2004
While those are some nice changes, I was hoping Anton would reveal some new mechanic or something that added more depth to the game
The natural wonder picker is cool. But I feel like folks have been clamoring stronger for that exact thing (an include/exclude list for randomization) for Civ opponents (in both AI and MP), so I'm surprised that they didn't do that as well.

Blind tech/civic mode does seem like an interesting way to shake up your game a bit. Anyone know what old 4x game had a 'blind research' mode that Anton was playing?
I'm interested to see the Government Plaza changes. Choosing Natural wonders and randomized trees aren't for me, though I might try at least one game with randomized trees... someday. I'll probably play a game with every game mode on once they're all released.

Cliffs of Dover will disappear from a lot of people's game :lol:
I've updated the Features Thread but I think the bulk of the changes will be in the patch notes
Oh yeah, randoms techs and civics and a natural wonder picker is all good news ! I often try to make thematic games, like East Asia (using only appropriate civs), Africa or South America. This can make it a lot more thematic !

Can we also get a luxury resources picker as well ? Pretty please. :)
New Game Mode is cute. Not sure I’ll shuffle the tech tree much. But I think it’s an option lots of people will like.

Nice being able to select Natural Wonders. Can’t see myself using it, but nice QOL. Now we just need the ability to exclude certain Civs...

Interested to see the Balance Changes. Tweaking Gov Plaza sounds promising.
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