Augustas Ceaser so much more easier to get?


Jan 17, 2007
In every singal of my like 50 games i got a score high enough to be Augustas Ceaser in the chart thing. (what's it called? :lol: ) Anyway don't you think it's top easy to get Augustas Ceaser now? I always play on Prince, moved up to emperor and then i played 1 game on immortal and i got Augustas Ceaser at the end! I'm no where near that level. So i checked things out, i grabbed my Vanilla disk, played on prince, and i got Simon Bolivar.

Strange isn't it?
I think after warlords I always get Augustus Caesar. Before warlords I never got past Dan Quayle :p
The quicker you finish the game, the higher your score is and the better chance of getting an Augustus ranking. I've noticed since BtS since increased the turn limit it's easier to finish quicker and get a higher score.

I've actually never gotten a AC ranking with a space race victory, usually only conquest/dominations or early diplo wins will get me a AC rank.
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