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[GS] Australia, trying science victory ASAP

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by inquisitive_otter, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. inquisitive_otter

    inquisitive_otter Chieftain

    Mar 12, 2019
    Greetings civfanatics!

    So I am changing things up a little bit with this newest play-through of civilization 6. I am trying out a faster pace (standard speed) and trying to have more focused episodes, constructive feedback is welcome!

    For this series, I wanted to try see how fast that I could get a science victory. I chose Australia primarily for their land down under ability, which should provide some pretty nice adjacency bonuses for campuses and theater squares.

    The overall game-plan is to:
    1) Establish a good foundation though settling cities fast.
    2) Hopefully, get a somewhat aggressive neighbor for the very nice production boost. This should help pump out campuses and more settlers even faster.
    3) Build a few theater squares to get a decent amount of culture. I believe that a couple, in addition to the land down under bonus, should be enough to power through the civic tree.
    4) Build libraries asap then go for industrial zones. I'll probably just get industrial zones in a couple key cities.
    5) Liberate a city when building the spaceship

    The game-plan is still a work in progress and can easily change based on what the game gives me.

    Game parameters:
    Standard speed
    Standard map size
    Small continents map
    All DLC, expansions, etc.

    Mods (I am only using UI mods and the harbor hotfix mod):
    XP Bonuses and Royal Navy Dockyard Hotfix - we need that movement bonus
    Concise UI - adds user interface enhancements
    Colorized Historic Moments - for that added touch to historical moments
    Better Civilization Icons - Because more icons is awesome
    Better Civilization Colors - expanding your color pallet is never a bad option
    Real Great People (UI) - Too add that personal touch to great people

    The series play-though can be found here.
    Previous civilization play-throughs playlists can be found here.

    Episode 1:
    Starting out. Time to plan out some districts and see what the game gave us.

  2. inquisitive_otter

    inquisitive_otter Chieftain

    Mar 12, 2019
    Episode 2:
    We try and not to get too sidetracked with this war. However, India decided to build several varu's... Which is a huge problem. Time to see if we can defend our cities while keeping the science victory on track.

  3. inquisitive_otter

    inquisitive_otter Chieftain

    Mar 12, 2019
    Episode 3:
    War against India continues and it is starting to get in our way of pushing a science victory, but we are finally able to stabilize. Time to recoup and see if we can still get a science victory in less than 200 turns...

  4. inquisitive_otter

    inquisitive_otter Chieftain

    Mar 12, 2019
    As a quick side note, I'll be AFK for the next few days but I have already recorded up to episode 8 and they will be released on my youtube channel automatically. It'll be a few days before I post them here.

    Episode 4:
    In this episode, I build probably my best city ever. 3 pop with 20 production, Petra helps quite a bit. Things are starting to heat up science wise, but we still haven't found any science, culture, or industrial city states.

    EDIT! Added more episode below:

    Episode 5:
    In this episode, we luck out with the world congress to get +100% production towards building in campuses. This is going to be awesome.

    Episode 6:
    I've realized that we have been neglecting culture and it is time to try and fix that problem before it gets out of hand. The setback in the early game with the war against India is starting to cost us.

    Episode 7:
    In this episode, we utilize the extra yields from harvesting with Magnus and use Newton's ability to build a library and a university instantly! Things are starting to go well and we are getting all of the right great people.

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
  5. inquisitive_otter

    inquisitive_otter Chieftain

    Mar 12, 2019
    I'm back! I have edited the post above this one to add episodes 5 through 7.

    Episode 8:
    In this episode, we finally unlock rationalism. It is everything that I have dreamed of. We also continue exploring the world in order to find the remaining city states. Hopefully, we will finally find a science one!

    Episode 9:
    Our exploration finally payed off and we found a useful city state! Time so send out the envoys!

    Episode 10:
    The culture push earlier in the game is coming to fruition. Great person after great person after great person are coming to our empire.

    Episode 11:
    It is time to start planning out the late game. Where are we going to build the spaceports, what is our tech order, what about getting the tech boosts, what tier 3 government are we going for?

    Please don't forget to subscribe if you like the videos! Any constructive feedback is always welcome!

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