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Australian PBEM.


In whom I trust
Jan 30, 2003
Perth,Western Australia
***GAME FULL***​
I would like to send a call out for all Australians playing PBEMs, well at least on this site. First I would like to hear from you and then we will decide if we want to play an epic game or a scenario.

Regard's Classical_Hero.

Current Players
Classical_Hero - Maya
James 1 - Inca
Fe3333Au --Iron3333Gold - Aztecs.

The order was done by the order of entry into this game. Since I was the starter, I would have to be the first team,

The save will look like this: Australian_(country)(date).sav
All emails will be refered to as Australian.
usual Rules that PBEM's are governed by. I'm sure you know those already so I do not need to state them here.
I love Scenarios.....but i've never played an epic by PBEM before.....so i'm willing to play either.

I can get another aussie on here too
What's a Scotish king doing in an Oz thread. Just cos the rightful king of England (According to a recent TV programme that claimed the current lot belong to an illeggitimate line) lives in the Australian outback somewhere doesn't mean you can have them all you know. Actually NO!! take them away, What have they ever done for me? :D
he was a Scottish king first yes, but James VI became James I of England.... :p

Its just a name i used instead of Elizabeth when i played Civ as the english..... since its my middle name (otherwise i'd be Henry V)

now you know. :king:
I'll be in it ... currently playing 2 public and 1 private ...all are entertaining :D

The private is with UK player we have an approx rate of 15+ turns per session (him in the morning me at night) works well ... we are playing a standard game ... starting with settler ... is this what you call Epic :confused:

I can see the logic for having us all on-line at the same time for couple hours ... fast turn around :thumbsup:

At the moment one of my games is stuck waiting for a player ... :mad: very frustrating ...

I don't mind if we play scenario or other ... so count me in

However at some stage I am interested in playing a mod (WH,MoM,etc)

BTW - would you have this private or reported on the thread :confused: I like the idea of promoting on thread as new players are generated through this (my 2 cents)

Regards :goodjob:
So what are your thoughts ...

BTW - Just thought Oz is in 5 time zones atm ... :crazyeye:

I'm in Tassie and play from 5.00ish to late weekdays ... weekend will vary ... as face-space pub activities tend to siren call ... :D
don't mind.....surprise me!
Easter is the time of stealing the neighbors eggs and also checking on the rabbit traps :lol: love the sound of kiddies crying :cry:

I will be occasionally checking in (depends on weather ;) )
i'm away at present......will play and send in abt 24hrs

- - - - - - - - - - - -- - -

Received the file......but it is in a format my conquests won't load...... please advise what kind of save file it is....and i'll use my civ complete to load it up.


- - - - - - - - -- -
Fixed it.

GPS, and the Inca sally out into a brave new world! :king:
The grand Aztec peoples have lived good ... it is time to explore and expand ... it is our want ... :D

On to the Mayans


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the result was surprisingly similar!
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