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May 29, 2003
ok ok, since some ppl seem to not have the ability to read my signature *no offens to those ppl* i wish to simply put out thear for every one, so ther is no confusion in the futear that im autistick*sp*
i stole this link from another discusion :p


any way, im a "high fucaning autism". in other words i fucan mostly as normal, but im a few areas im extreamly poor, such as math, spelling, and gramer and so on.. i Cant even do basic divison, or multiplacation. i realrly ever smile socaly, i prefer being alone *im gessing that gose with socal disorder* and i donno if me being a freak as many of u whold put it *for those who have seen my pics* is part of it :S.. i didnt speak untill i was 3 years old, nor did i make very much nose or bable type stuff as a baby.
whats intresting is since i choldnt speak i made my own words up, like numna was blanket, and i allso made my own sing languig up.. i forgot all of it realy, but from what im told *my old doctors and mom* i had a small vocabulary..

it must have been intresting to see me develope my own words to compinsate for me not knwoing any english tell over 3 years of age..

i used to be in all specal ed*i mean the hevaly specal ed, the classes with the guys that doll on them selfs and have to wear helmats cus thay walk into walls* classes, but i was pushed hard by my mom and my self. i allways self difrent and alienated by the ppl around me, i realy was teased alot as a kid by the "normal" guys and felt alone and just... not at company with the other specal ed guys.. in jr high i was doing so well in sicens and histroy thay put me in a ordanry class but with modifcations :D but for math english and so on i was still in the hevaly specal ed class:(

but by high scool i was doing even beater!! i was in all normal histroy and sicenc, gov, and economics class!! and even ap art class! this is the one thing im truly proud of my self for, is pulling my self up so much and working so hard to be as "normal" as posible.
i wasint in the heavlay specal ed classes for math english and all that any more eather, but was in the classes for kids who are still not as good as other guys.. :( faild thear...

any way.. mom calls me a mirical baby, cus i have done so much to make my self as good as i can be. i have realy chaged, from a guy who is just siting ther kinda huming in a specal ed class lost in the world to one who understand so many things that mostp pl my ages just dont even realize..

yea im still not "normal" if u have seen my pic u can tell that.:p but i like how i dress and look, for me its not that im sad and that the worlds a dark place, its just.. i do it cus i think its good looking, and form me it expresses how much the world is a beautifull place.. its kinda ironic and dosent make sienc but im the artist deep thinker type so what do u expect?

i still will allways in some way hate my self for being so bad in some areas.. and now that im 18 im soo lost to what im saposed to do with my life!! i want a good job and to go to collage but i havent heard back from the grant in 4 months allmost now :( im afried i wont get it!! to be honnest, im so scared now.. lol.. im 18 and i got to set my life in motion, no longer a lil teen.. o and i do got a min wage job at quiznos:p lol... it sucks but at least its a lil.. what i plan to do is to save a lil money insted of blowing it on crap and invest in eather stocks or bonds:p

if any one has any sugestions for my life to get it going thell be wllcome *god knows i need some help!! this is realy a plea for some one to help me :(* lol.... so hope some of yall understand now, and hope this isint closed:p sorry to be buging u

Justin *i never singe with my name so u can tell i put emotion into it:p*

edit, allso no spell check on pc, so another resion its spelld bad.. hope u chold read a lil of it and bear with it long enofe to finish
You aren't alone in not knowing what to do, VC. I'm almost 20 and still have yet to seriously plan out any future. You've got to take life at what you're comfortable with, not what everyone expects you to do.

Also, use autism to your advantage. We have so many federal, state, and local programs that are just exploding with money. Get a government job - you won't have to do any real work a day in your life, you get money up the wazoo, and the only mobility is upward - no bureaucrat is stupid enough to fire someone who's disabled, because they'd know that their butt would be on the line next.
when i turned 18 the goverment diened me disability :( and now i dont even have insurance cus of them!! i cant aford it, nor cam my mom aford itfor me!!!! this is a major step backwards for me :S
lol, thats kinda funny about the guys but on the line...

allso ur 20?! i gess i allways thot that was ur real pic and that u whear some old balding guy who needed to go ahead and just shave his head...:S
Vietcong said:
allso ur 20?! i gess i allways thot that was ur real pic and that u whear some old balding guy who needed to go ahead and just shave his head...:S
Oh, George
Vietcong said:
lol, thats kinda funny about the guys but on the line...

allso ur 20?! i gess i allways thot that was ur real pic and that u whear some old balding guy who needed to go ahead and just shave his head...:S

I take it you're not a big TV sitcom fan.

It's a headshot of Jason Alexander, AKA; Duckman.
Vietcong, thanks for sharing this. I've always wondered about you and autisism since indeed you seemed highly functioning for it.

By the way, we share the same first name :)
Hygro said:
Vietcong, thanks for sharing this.

Ech, that man is right.
I was stupid forgetting whole subject of thread because of that one little joke.

Thank you Vietcong really sharing with us your story.

rmsharpe said:
You aren't alone in not knowing what to do, VC. I'm almost 20 and still have yet to seriously plan out any future. You've got to take life at what you're comfortable with, not what everyone expects you to do.

I'll second this. Hell, my entire family uses this kind of doctrine, and we're all fine. As long as you're happy, all is good.

Three cheers to Vietcong for sharing this, it was a remarkable read. :goodjob:
Thanks Vietcong.
You've done really well for yourself.
I've done a little voluntary work years ago in a special education school with some autistic kids and always wondered what will become of them.
It's really good to hear how far you've got through hard work and determination.

Oh, and not knowing what to do with your life at the age of 18 is perfectly normal.
Nice to hear you talking about it so much - that's probably good for you, and it helps us understand.
I have AS at possibly one-fourth of your level, and I exhibit several of the same signs: I prefer solitude, made up my own language fragments, study things that the others my age haven't heard of...

Do you want my advice on your future?
Study more. Study as much as you can. Translating the average wage difference you get from the extra education results in a figure of about 855$ per hour of college studies if you take six years beyond the minimum requirements.

I can't recommend any particular fields, though, given that the autism spectrum persons I've met generally have an aptitude for logical/mathematical work, but you're taking history and gov classes. Science is generally a good bet, though.

This link should help you laugh at the "normal" world out there.

Have an excellent life! :goodjob:
It seems like you are doing pretty well actually Vietcong, especially given the great post you put together. :thumbsup:

I read in your post the anxieties that everyone experiences - not fitting in with the people around you, pondering on your direction in life, wanting to better at things that we are not good at. We all worry about these things. The fact that you are asking for help and identifying them is the crucial path to progress.

I'd say do more of the same. Continue working at improving yourself, don't take no for an answer, love yourself in the way you want to. Your job in life will become apparent and you will end up with a good one for you if you keep doing these things. Just keep working at it and demanding the best of yourself. You can't really top that.
i aplied a lil while ago for the grant, but havent heard any thing back so im not sure i want to do it... and im nearly 100% sure i dont want a loan..

im allso slow at some things, not mentaly but at whear i work.. quiznos:S... gr

im the slowist persion thear and i try speeding up, but i keep slowing down and not realy changing pace. allso im a realy low speaker, compeared to me every ones yealling.. this is probly becus im very sensative to sound.. im allso very sisative to taste, so i NEVER eat of metal spoons and fork, cus i can taste the metal and hate it :p so i only eat off plastic sivile ware, pluss im slighly a germaphobic.. im thinking im gonna losse my job soon, cus one emplye told me the others say im realy slow and not "energetic" enofe.. i have allways been a layed back, take one step at a time, think things throw insted of just doing it type guys.. probly y eastren phylosphys apeal to me so much.. the computer is allmost my ONly socal outlet into the world, i fill much more confutreble talking to u guys, who i have never met and chold be wired pervs geting of to me then some one like my beast friend.. witch i realy dont have one... i got friends, when i go to the mall i know tons of ppl who work thear and thay know me, i know lots and lots of ppl.. over 20 *maby not alot* but i cant talk to them.. if u get what i eman... i can talk but not about alot of thins, like this.. i just dont trust them, thay seem so ignorant and just.. anyoing cus ther sooo oblivius to the world around them.. i got chicks hiting on me all the time, yet i dont go for any of them *im not asexual.... maby a lil.. i mean i am atracted to chicks, i jsut got more important things to do* im kinda wierd but u guys are so cool !!!!!!! i got new pics!! fill free to call me names when u see them in the picture thread! woot.. :goodjob:
allso i dont realy watch sitcoms, besieds the simpsons and king of the hill, discovery, animal, national geographic, history chanels i dont watch alot of tv.. some times comedy, and american movie clasics.. I LOVE CHARLIE CHAPLIN!!!!
south park too. if u give it a chance, eatch one is acaly prity deep and hasve very good points to major isues:p
allso, i heard that some afican companys are expected to go up in stock price, so i was wondering if any one knows if this is true*dont rember whear i heard this, but it seems like uganda is comeing out of that slump after itti azmim or what ever his name is.. iddia? gr*

so any one hear own some african stocks???
So what are your high functioning skills?

Are you sure that your problem with spelling isn't in any way connected with dyslexia?

I'm sorry that I can't be sympathetic to your situation, since I have shared many of your anxieties, but it's hard to make out your words or define your feelings/opinions.

How many "experts" have looked at your disability?
its not jsut spelling its math and socal skills stuff like that witch all is a sign of autism.

im not sure i was young then.
histroy, gepraphy, polotics things like that
My little cousin just got diagnosed with Asperger's, like Erik Mesoy has. She's not nearly as capable or functioning as you are, Vietcong. I hope she comes to terms with her identity and makes as much of herself as you already have.
BTW: Mesoy, what are your high-functioning areas or areas of special interest? My little cousin's is Japanese anime, and, tangentially, the complete history of Japanese culture.
classical_hero said:
Isn't Xen also Autistic? You are not the only one who has this problem, so do not think that you should be alone.
I would bet a lot of money Xen is not autistic, though you've got me considering that he might be lesdyxic, erm dyslexic.
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